Privacy Principles

At mmhmm, we center everything we do around three simple - but powerful - laws. Phil explains it best, but we think they are worth repeating:

  1. Your data is your data. We do everything we can to keep your data private and safe. 
  2. The product is the product. Our focus is on building the best product possible, and selling your information is not consistent with that goal. 
  3. Our community is our community. You help make mmhmm what it is, and we take our responsibility to you seriously. 

What we do at mmhmm

mmhmm is a virtual camera and presentation application that helps you communicate with video -- both in real-time and asynchronously -- via desktop, mobile, web-based and cloud-based applications.  We are continuously building and improving mmhmm’s features, including virtual rooms and backdrops, and presentation, co-pilot, collaboration, recording and sharing tools — with much more on the way 🤞🏽

mmhmm can be used with most major video streaming software (Zoom, Google Meet, Cisco Webex, YouTube, and Twitch, to name a few) - you can even use it through your regular old internet browser 🤯

When you use mmhmm, certain information is shared with us. Please review the full Privacy Policy, which is summarized here.

How we collect information

There are three main ways we get information about you.

👉🏽First, we get information that you choose to provide to us. For example, when you sign up for certain mmhmm accounts, we learn your name and email address. 

👉🏽Second, we learn about you when you use our service. Your use might suggest your region via IP address, for example, and we may use this information to help support regional preferences. 

👉🏽Third, we may learn about you from other people and services. One example scenario where this may happen is if you are using an mmhmm mobile app, and the operating system developer shares information about you with us. 

For more information on the information we collect, see our Privacy Policy.

How we share information

We generally share information at your direction, such as sharing links to your content. 

📈We may also use your information in a variety of ways to help us provide you with a good user experience, and to help us understand how we can improve our product. Some ways we may do this is by using the information for analytics, with authorized vendors (such as for processing payment), and also when we believe it is required by law. More details can be found in our Privacy Policy

How we store information

🔒Please know that we take the security of your information very seriously, and work hard to keep it secure. You can learn more about how we do this by reviewing mmhmm’s Security Policy.

⏰The length of time we store information depends on the type of information. We generally store account information - such as name and email address - until you request they be deleted. Other information, like the content created with mmhmm, are subject to varying retention periods depending on your use. 

More comprehensive information about information storage can be found in our Privacy Policy.

How you can control your information

🗑️ You can delete your content in the mmhmm app at any time. You can send requests to modify, correct or delete information to 

For specifics, including information about rights for users in certain regions, please refer to the Privacy Policy.

Want to learn more?

Take a look at our full Privacy Policy (...have we mentioned you really should read this?), and our Privacy Center

Still have questions? Please reach out to us at


Last updated: September 29, 2021

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