Question mark on mmhmm app icon in my dock

If there is a question mark on the mmhmm app icon in your Mac's dock, it's because mmhmm was removed from your computer. Clicking the icon will not open the application because your computer can't find the mmhmm app. 


There are several reasons why this can occur:

  • mmhmm for Mac was updated to mmhmm Studio.
  • The mmhmm app icon was moved from the applications folder to the trash.
  • There was a problem with mmhmm.

To fix this issue, go to the Applications folder in Finder, find mmhmm Studio, and drag and drop it back into your dock. If you can no longer find mmhmm in the Applications folder, try reinstalling mmhmm.


To remove the old app icon with the question mark, drag the icon out of the dock until the Remove prompt is visible.


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