(Legacy) Sharing or exporting your recording on mmhmm for Windows

Note: This article covers sharing and exporting recordings on mmhmm for Windows which is a legacy application. Download mmhmm desktop for the most up to date experience on Windows.

Whether you want to make training materials for teammates, or you pitch regularly to multiple external clients, mmhmm makes it easy to create, edit, and share customized video presentations for any audience. mmhmm allows you to share your videos to the web for others to view, or export them to an mp4 file on your computer. This article covers both methods and shows you how on mmhmm for Mac and mmhmm for Windows, unless specified.

Note: You can share up to 5 videos per month on mmhmm unless you upgrade to mmhmm Premium of mmhmm for Teams. Exporting your recording to an .mp4 file on your computer counts towards the 5 video-per-month limit. 

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Sharing your video to mmhmm TV

To share your mmhmm recording on mmhmm for Windows, follow the steps below:

  1. Click Publish.


  2. Give your video a "Title" and "Description" in the publishing window. Choose a thumbnail photo by using the slider under the thumbnail preview to select one. Then, click Publish.

  3. This will start publishing your recording to mmhmm TV. 


  4. Copy the link to share it with your desired audience. Your recipients will be able to use that link to view the video. You can also view your video by clicking Open in Browser once it is finished publishing. 


You can see the last published timestamp of your video by clicking Publish in the mode bar and viewing it on the bottom left-hand side of the publishing window. 


Exporting your recording

To export your video as an .mp4 file on Windows, follow the steps below:

  1. Click Publish.


  2. Click Save as video in the top right-hand corner of the publishing window. This will prompt you to name your video and select where you’d like the video to be saved.


  3. Name your video, select where you want to save it, then click Save.



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