This article covers how to install and set up mmhmm on your computer for the first time. Read below to learn more.

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Download and installation

mmhmm desktop for Mac and Windows is currently in beta. To learn more, read mmhmm beta.

Mac Windows mmhmm Studio
Note: mmhmm desktop beta for Mac requires macOS 12.3 or later. For a full list of system requirements, click here. 
    1. Visit the mmhmm download page and download and run the installer. 
    2. Open the app. You will receive two prompts to enable mmhmm desktop to access your camera and microphone. Click OK on both prompts to enable camera and microphone access:

      mmhmm desktop would like to access microphone.png mmhmm desktop would like to access camera.png

    3. You will be prompted to enable mmhmm desktop system extensions. To do this, first click Open Security Preferences which will take you to the the macOS Security & Privacy settings window. System extensions must be enabled for mmhmm desktop to work properly.

      mmhmm desktop system extension blocked.png

    4. Then, click Allow next to the System software from application "mmhmm desktop" was blocked from loading prompt to enable mmhmm desktop system extensions. 

      mmhmm desktop security and privacy screen.png

      If you've upgraded to macOS 13.0 (Ventura), your System Preferences window will look slightly different:

      allow camera macos ventura.png

    5. Open mmhmm desktop and click on the Sign In button on the top right-hand corner of the window to log in with your mmhmm account.

      sign into mmhmm desktop.png

mmhmm user interface

mmhmm desktop and webmmhmm Studio

Tip: Click on the screenshot below to enlarge it.

mmhmm for web labeled jan23.png


mmhmm TV menu Show or hide the mmhmm TV left-hand navigation menu. 
Add slides Use this panel to create and share slides on mmhmm. 
On/off air This label indicates whether or not people can join your room. When people are invited to your room, this label will turn green and say "On air". 
Invite people Invite others to your mmhmm recording session.
Account settings Update settings for your mmhmm account.
Stage This is where you will appear on the screen.
Microphone toggle Toggle your microphone. This is where you can also select your mic. 
Camera toggle Toggle your camera. This is where you can also select your camera. 
Help Learn how to use mmhmm or contact support if you're having trouble.
Record Record your presentation and upload it to mmhmm. 
Sidebar toggle

Toggle between the rooms, appearance, and presentations menu. Use the sidebar to change your background by selecting a room, adjust your appearance by adding effects or enabling Big Hands, or 

Camera selection

In order to begin using mmhmm, you must connect your webcam to mmhmm:

  1. Click the caret icon next to the Camera button.
  2. Choose the webcam you’d like to use in the menu that appears.
  3. Your camera image should appear on the stage where your camera, slides, and backgrounds are displayed. 
mmhmm desktop and webmmhmm Studio
mmhmm desktop camera selection (1).png

Microphone selection and audio configuration

If you would like to record your presentation, you will need to connect your microphone input to mmhmm: 

  1. Click the caret icon next to the Microphone button.
  2. In the list, choose the microphone you’d like to use.
  3. Test your sound by making some noise and watching the sound input level display. If it moves with the sounds you’re making, you’re good to go. 

If you want to use video slides that have their own soundtrack, you must also select mmhmm’s virtual audio as your video conferencing sound input

mmhmm desktop and webmmhmm Studio
mmhmm desktop mic selection.png

Selecting and configuring your green screen

There are two types of green screens in mmhmm: physical and virtualA physical green screen is a cloth or painted green background, similar to what TV studios use for special effects. A virtual green screen is mmhmm’s way to isolate you from the background of your room to allow those without physical green screens to get professional-looking presentations with mmhmm. 

To learn more, read Green screen best practices.

Connecting to other video conferencing apps

Mmhmm is designed to work with a number of video conferencing platforms, such as Zoom and Google Meet, but you need to take steps to connect them first. Read mmhmm compatibility with other video conferencing apps to learn how to do this.


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