Update your profile photo


Your mmhmm profile photo can be seen when you log into mmhmm TV or an mmhmm for web call. You can update your profile photo by following the steps below.


How to update your profile photo

  1. In a web browser, navigate to account.mmhmm.app and log in with your mmhmm credentials. 
  2. Click on "EDIT" next to your account name. 


  3. Click on "Change" under your account profile photo. 


  4. Click on "Add an image" in the window that appears.

    Note: The only accepted image formats are JPG or PNG. 

  5. Select a profile photo from your computer to upload. Once chosen, you will have the ability to drag and resize your image, as shown below. Then, click "Save" to confirm your selection. 


  6. Your new profile photo should now appear on your mmhmm account. 


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