Host or join a conversation on mmhmm

This article covers how to host a conversation on mmhmm, as well as how to co-present with other people.

Start a conversation with others

Note: To start a conversation on mmhmm, you must have an mmhmm account. Click here to sign up for one. 
  1. In a web browser, navigate to the mmhmm home page and click on Launch mmhmm on the top right-hand side of the window. Alternatively, you can launch mmhmm by opening mmhmm on your computer. 

    mmhmm home page launch mmhmm.png

  2. Click Invite people at the top of the screen to invite others to your conversation. 

    new desktop invite to conversation.png

  3. A dialog box will appear where you can copy and share the link to your conversation with others. This link can be reused as many times as you want and can also be sent in advance of the meeting. To learn more, read Schedule a conversation.
    Note: Anyone with the link can join your conversation.
    new desktop copy invite link.png

  4. Anyone who has the link to your conversation can join. You will see a notification to either admit or deny entry if they join your link without signing into mmhmm.

    Note: If they are a part of the same mmhmm for Teams subscription, they will be automatically admitted into the call.

    new desktop admit guest.png

If you want to schedule a future mmhmm conversation, follow the steps in this article

Add people during your conversation

Note: Conversations started on mmhmm have a maximum of 10 participants with no time limit.

If you need to invite others to your conversation after it has already started, click Invite people button at the top of the screen. Then copy the link and share it with your invitees. 

new desktop copy invite link.png

Join a conversation with others

Note:You do not need a mmhmm account to join a conversation. 

  1. Navigate to a shared mmhmm link in a compatible web browser. If you have mmhmm installed on your computer, your browser will automatically open the conversation link in mmhmm:

    opening in mmhmm.png

  2. If this is your first time joining an mmhmm conversation, your mmhmm will ask you to allow it access to your computer's camera and microphone. Click Allow

    mmhmm web wants to use your camera.png

  3. Enter your name in the box on the top right-hand side titled "Ready to join?" and click Send Request to Join. Alternatively, you may create an account or sign into your mmhmm account by clicking the respective links under the box where you enter your name. Your request to join the conversation will be sent to the host. You will see the following message until the host admits you into the conversation. 

    new desktop joining as guest.gif

You can join a conversation directly in mmhmm by first clicking the Join button at the top of the mmhmm window, pasting the conversation link in the dialogue box, and clicking Join on the right-hand side. 

new desktop join an existing call.png

Record your conversation (co-present)

To start recording your conversation, click Record underneath the mmhmm stage. Once you initiate the recording, all participants in the conversation will receive a notification informing them about the recording. This recording feature also enables you to co-present your mmhmm presentation. You can create a presentation on mmhmm and record it simultaneously with other participants. After you finish recording, your presentation will be automatically saved and uploaded to mmhmm. From there, you can share the link with others.

Tip: Multiple people can record at the same time.


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