mmhmm TV has an easy-to-navigate interface that can help you find videos that you've made, videos shared with you, and videos shared within your team. Learn more about the interface below. 

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mmhmm TV homepage

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1.png Left sidebar menu. 
2.png Download or launch mmhmm desktop.
3.png Watch any of your recently made videos or videos that were shared with you. 
4.png A rotating, curated list of videos that were created using mmhmm. 
5.png Search for videos that have been shared to mmhmm TV.
6.png Notifications, language, and account settings for mmhmm TV.
7.png A quick start button to start a conversation or recording

mmhmm TV categories


Home The mmhmm TV homepage.
Shared with me Watch mmhmm videos that were shared with you. 
Channels Access videos that are organized by a topic or team.

[My Organization] TV

Access all videos shared by members of your organization, available only to mmhmm for Teams subscriptions.
Spotlight Access a rotating curated list of videos created using mmhmm. 
Learn Access video tutorials on how to use mmhmm. 
Add Channels Create a new channel to organize and group videos. 
My videos Find all of your shared mmhmm videos.

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