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You can find, watch, and share videos within your organization on mmhmm. Additionally, you can access video analytics.

Find videos on [My Organization]

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On the homepage of mmhmm, you'll see a channel on the left-hand side menu for [My Organization] (your organization's name will appear here). Click it to view all mmhmm videos made by people within your organization who have shared their content to your organization's channel. Any videos shared with individuals specified by email address will also appear in this section.

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Watch videos on [My Organization]

Once you've found a video that you'd like to watch on [My Organization], click it to and start watching. You can also interact with videos by adding an emoji and leaving a comment on the video.

Edit videos on [My Organization]

You can edit a video shared to [My Organization] on mmhmm. Read Find your shared videos/recordings and edit their settings for more information.

Video analytics

Video analytics are available for videos shared privately or within your mmhmm for Teams organization. To learn more, click here. 

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