mmhmm TV allows you to set and adjust your videos' privacy to share them publicly, privately, or within your organization.

Note: Your video recipient does not need an mmhmm account in order to watch your shared video.


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Public videos

If you want your video to be publicly accessible, choose Anyone with the link can watch. This includes anyone with the link. Then, copy the link to your video to share it with others. 


Public videos will only show you the number of times your video has been viewed. You cannot see who has viewed your videos. 

Private videos

Note: You must be on a mmhmm Premium or mmhmm for Teams subscription to share your videos privately. 

Choose Only people shared with can watch if you want only specific people to view your video content. To grant access to the video, type individuals’ email addresses in the Enter email addresses box. These recipients do not need an mmhmm account to watch your video. Then, click Add to add them to the list of invitees. 

You can also choose whether or not they have the ability to share your video or just have access to watch it. 


Invitees will receive an email from mmhmm letting them know you've shared a video with them. They will need an mmhmm account to view your video.


[My Organization] TV videos

Note: You must have access to a mmhmm for Teams subscription to share your videos with your organization.


If you're a part of your organization's mmhmm for Teams subscription, you will see an option that says, Anyone at [My Organization] can watch (your organization's name will appear here). Select this option when you want your video to accessible via link by anyone in your organization. When you share the link to your video, anyone that is part of your organization will be able to watch it. 


Check the box next to "Publish to [My Organization] TV" to have your video appear in your organization's TV tab on mmhmm TV. Learn more about mmhmm TV for your organization.


In addition to making your video available to anyone in your organization, you can also share specific people to view your video content by entering their email addresses in the box labeled Enter email addresses and clicking Add


Learn how to tag your videos so your team can find them more easily.


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