Adjust your video privacy settings

Set and adjust your video's privacy settings to share them publicly, privately, or within your organization on mmhmm.

Note: Your video recipient does not need an mmhmm account in order to watch your shared video.

Access video privacy settings

In a web browser, go to mmhmm and sign in with your mmhmm account. In the left sidebar, click My videos to access all of your shared videos. Then, click the video you want to edit the settings for.

Click the blue Share button to access your video's privacy settings.


Click the privacy type dropdown menu to choose a privacy setting.

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Video privacy types

There are three video privacy types: Restricted, My Organization, and Public.


Choose Restricted if you want only specific people to view your video content. To grant access, type individuals’ email addresses in the Add channels, people, and emails box. These recipients do not need an mmhmm account to watch your video. Choose their permissions for editing, viewing, and commenting. Then, click Share to add them to the list of invitees. 

Invitees will receive an email from mmhmm letting them know you've shared a video with them.

My Organization (mmhmm for Teams)
Note: You must have access to a mmhmm for Teams subscription to share your videos with your organization.

If you're a part of your organization's mmhmm for Teams subscription, you will see an option to share your video with your organization. Select this option for organization-wide access via a link. When you share the link to your video, anyone who is part of your organization will be able to watch it as long as they have the link.

Add your video to your organization's default channel for easy team access.

In addition to making your video available to anyone in your organization, you can also share specific people to view your video content by entering their email addresses in the box labeled Add channels, people, and emails and clicking Share

Learn how to tag your videos so your team can find them more easily.


Choose Public to allow anyone with the link to watch your video. Then, copy the link to your video to share it with others. 

Public videos only display the view count. You can't see who has viewed your videos. 

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