Download or export your videos and share presentation files

You can download videos that you've created and shared on mmhmm and mmhmm Studio. You can also share and export a copy of your presentations you've created.

Download your mmhmm video

mmhmm mmhmm Studio
Note: You can only download videos that have been uploaded and shared to mmhmm.
  1. In your web browser, go to mmhmm home > My videos. You may be prompted to log in to mmhmm.
  2. Hover your cursor over the video thumbnail you want to download.
  3. Click the More icon and select Download video file.


  4. The video will be automatically saved to your device as an MP4 file.

Share or export your presentation file

Note: Presentation files are not interchangeable between mmhmm and mmhmm Studio; however, you can import Studio presentations into mmhmm from within the same mmhmm account. Other caveats to note:

• mmhmm presentations cannot be opened in mmhmm Studio.
• mmhmm Studio archive files cannot be opened in mmhmm.

mmhmm mmhmm Studio
Note: Anyone with the link can import a copy of your presentation into their mmhmm account. Edits made to the copy will not affect your original presentation. Edits you make to your original presentation will not affect any copies of your presentation imported by others.

In mmhmm, click the carat drop-down icon in the presentation slide tray. Then, click Share a copy. Copy the URL and share it with others.

share a copy mmhmm desktop.gif

Click the Options button to generate a new sharable link or delete any active links. Click Generate new link to delete the existing link and make a new one for you to share with others.

share copy options.png


Generate new link Delete the existing shared link and create a new one to share with others. Use this button when you've made edits to your presentation and want to share the latest version with others.
Delete link Prevent others from accessing a copy of your presentation in the future. This won't delete copies of your presentation that have already been imported.

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