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Welcome to mmhmm! Mmhmm helps you be better on video, whether you’re presenting during a video meeting or recording content you want to share asynchronously. 

mmhmm is an everyday tool that’s accessible to everyone. Making a video should feel as effortless as sending a text message, as quick as a chat, and as human as a coffee break. We’ve created mmhmm to be the best tool for communicating in the modern workplace. 

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mmhmm for web is an all-in-one platform for making, watching, and talking on videos. Whether you’re looking forward to seeing friends at the office or you’re taking calls from home in your sweatpants for the foreseeable future, a lot of your work probably happens on video these days. We’ve built the new mmhmm experience for every person—in- or out-of-office—who wants to get more done and improve collaboration. 

Launch mmhmm for web


To access mmhmm for web, visit and click on "Sign in" on the top right-hand side of the page. Then, log in with your mmhmm account. We recommend using Google Chrome for the best mmhmm experience. Click here for the full list of system requirements. 

Make a video

With mmhmm for web, more than one person can be on-screen with their content and record together. Look great and be the center of your presentations. Get your point across with clear visuals. Click here to learn more. 

Add your content

mmhmm for web makes it easy to add content to your videos. Add photos, videos, GIFs, to your calls. Share your screen or take a poll. And, with mmhmm cloud sync, presentations you make in mmhmm for Mac can be shared directly in mmhmm for web. Click here to learn more.

Share your video

Share your video from mmhmm for Mac or Windows, or directly from mmhmm for web. 

Discover and watch videos

Watch videos on mmhmm TV shared by you, someone else, or someone in your organization. Click here to learn more.


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