FAQ about OOO for iOS

How do I download OOO for iOS?
To get started, follow this link to download the app. You can also search for mmhmm OOO directly in the iOS App Store. Click here to learn more on how to download OOO for iOS.

How secure is OOO?
We don’t store or send any personal information. To establish a connection between two devices, we use WebRTC, which Google and Facebook use for their video-conference apps. 

Do I need a mmhmm account in order to use OOO? 
Nope! You can use OOO whether you have a mmhmm account or not.

Does OOO work with mmhmm on Desktop?
OOO allows calls only between iOS and iPadOS users. In the future, the app will work with other platforms like Windows and Mac.

Why is it called OOO?
OOO’s name comes from the acronym for “out of office,” and taking you out of the formal office grid is exactly what we want to do. 

Can I use OOO on all of my devices?
We are hard at work on making the app cross-platform compatible, but it is currently only available on iOS and iPadOS. We will offer OOO for other platforms in the future!

What is the recommended size of a room image for OOO?
We recommend 1080x1920 pixels for portrait mode rooms.

What file formats does OOO for iOS use to save photos and videos?
Photos are saved as .jpeg files.
Videos are saved as .mov files. 

Why can my friend use the dual-camera feature, but I can’t?
Currently, dual-camera support is only available on newer iPhones and iPads. Please refer to the list below for which iOS devices dual-camera is compatible with:

Supported: Not Supported:

iPhone – XS series XR and later
iPad Pro – (3rd Gen) and later
iPad – 8th Gen and later

iPhone – SE (1st Gen), 5, 6, 7, 8
iPad Pro (2nd Gen) or earlier
iPad – 7th Gen and earlier

Is this the same thing as Teleport?
Yes! We previously referred to this as Teleport, but decided to go for another palindrome.


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