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The latest version of OOO for iOS

The latest version of OOO for iOS is 1.2.2. Click here to download it! 

Version Information Release Date

New features and improvements:

  • Fixed a crash when exiting drawing mode with eraser selected (note: this resets the last used color from 1.2.1).
  • Fixed the camera lens labels (1.0x and 1.5x) being switched.
  • The color picker now closes automatically when switching to the eraser in portrait orientation.
  • Improved zoom slider reliability.
  • Updated localizations.
23 April

Version 1.x release notes

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Release date

1.2.1 This release brings new localized languages for OOO for iOS:

Arabic, German, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Korean, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Italian.
23 March

New features and improvements:

  • Big Hands mode
  • Revised controls layout
  • Refreshed icons for all controls
  • Remember last color used for drawing
  • Camera controls hide when unavailable
  • Fix aspect ratio when rotating the Save Preview screen
  • Performance improvements
  • Help guide
22 March
1.1.12 This release brings screenshots in Japanese. 28 October

New features and improvements:

  • Set the default view to dual front/back camera for newer devices, virtual room for older devices. 
  • Decreased the default size of caller. 
  • Added help text for gestures.
  • Disabled circle mask when the front camera is detected.
  • Minor UI tweaks.
  • Bug fixes.
9 October 

New features and improvements:

  • Added instructions on moving and resizing images.
  • Improvements to ensure both people are visible after device orientation change.
  • Added analytics updates.
  • Bug fixes.

5 October

1.0.1 Welcome to the publicly released version of OOO for iOS.
Click here to read more about this release. 

29 September

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