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Read about the latest updates for mmhmm. Information about mmhmm beta can be found here.

Latest update

Mac Windows

The latest version of mmhmm for Mac is 1.1.8.
Download the latest version.

Version Information Release Date

New features, bug fixes, and improvements:

  • Split and merge chapters feature added.
  • Undo and redo actions added.
  • Copyright notice has been updated for 2024.
8 February

Past updates

Mac Windows
Version Information Release Date

New features, bug fixes, and improvements:

  • Mini remote now handles light and dark mode correctly when detaching from the status bar.

  • Speaker notes are now always visible and mini remote won’t change size when hidden and restored.

  • Some improvements to scrolling the content inside speaker notes.

  • Stability and performance improvements for saving speaker notes.

20 December

New features, bug fixes, and improvements:

  • Speaker Notes in the Mini Remote.

  • Balanced mode for Intel Macs, a 24fps mode that should help machines that struggle to render the full 30fps.

  • A new underlying version of Chromium (118) that should improve stability and help with recording file sizes.

  • New option to join or leave the beta version of mmhmm for Windows.

29 November

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