Getting started with mmhmm TV beta

mmhmm TV is your one-stop location for all the mmhmm content created by you and shared with you. mmhmm TV is not a separate app; it is a web-based hub for browsing, discovering, and sharing videos made in mmhmm for anyone with an mmhmm account.

In this article, we will go over:

  1. How to join mmhmm TV beta 
  2. Publishing videos to mmhmm TV
  3. Finding my videos
  4. Editing my videos
  5. [Your Organization] TV (business sharing page)

1. How to join mmhmm TV beta 

Navigate to in your browser.  You must have a registered mmhmm account to log in to the mmhmm TV beta.

2. Publishing videos to mmhmm TV

When you finish recording your mmhmm video, hit Publish.


A publish window will appear. Give your mmhmm recording a title, description, and select your preview image. Click Publish when ready.


A progress window will appear notifying you of your video’s status.


When finished, click Done.


Your published video will now be viewable in mmhmm TV.


3. Finding my videos

Once signed in to mmhmm TV (, you’ll be on the mmhmm TV landing page. 


To find your mmhmm content, click on your name in the top right corner to reveal the mmhmm TV menu.


Click My videos to see a list view of all your mmhmm videos. All your mmhmm content will be listed in order by publish date.


4. Editing my videos

To see editing options for a particular video, click on the three dots icon_kebab_2x.png next to your mmhmm content.


Click Copy link to get a shareable link to your video.

Click Delete to delete your video. 

Click Edit details to open the video details window. On the left side of your screen, a menu will appear to help you edit various elements of your video.

Title & Appearance

In the Title & Appearance tab, you can update the title of your mmhmm video, give your video a description, and select a thumbnail for your video. To select a thumbnail, hover over the picture beneath the thumbnail and select a new image. 


Privacy & Sharing 

mmhmm TV gives you the option to set the privacy of your videos and share them several ways.

  • Public - Allow anyone with the link to view your video. This includes anyone with the link regardless of whether they have an mmhmm account. Public videos will show the creator the number of times a video has been viewed.privacy-01_2x.gif
  • Anyone in your organization (business) - If your company/school/organization has a mmhmm Business subscription, you will see an option for making your video available to anyone in your domain/organization. Select this option when you need a video to be viewable by anyone within your organization.

All videos that are shared within your organization will show up in the [Your Organization] TV channel listed in the mmhmm TV main menu. (More on that later.)


  • Private (by email) - Allow only specific individuals to view your video content. To grant access to the video, type individuals’ email addresses in the box.  Invitees will need an mmhmm account to view your mmhmm content.


Any video that is shared privately will display a lock icon icon_lock_2x.png next to the video title. Beneath the video title, an emoji reaction button will be displayed so viewers can leave feedback.


Privately shared videos will only display to the video creator who has viewed the video. 

  • Share Link - Copy the link in the box to share with friends, colleagues, or on social media.



To embed your mmhmm content into another site, first select the size you want your video to be (responsive or fixed), then copy the embed code.


5. [Your Organization] TV (business sharing page)

If your organization has an mmhmm Business subscription, you will see an option in the mmhmm TV menu for [Your Organization] TV.  This section of mmhmm TV is where you will be able to view all mmhmm videos by individuals within your organization who have made their content viewable to Anyone in the organization. Any videos shared to individuals specified by email address will also appear in this section of mmhmm TV.


Videos in [Your Organization] TV will be in list view with the most recently shared videos at the top.



All videos with privacy set to Anyone within the organization will allow viewers to participate with emoji reactions. Video creators will also receive in-depth analytics about who has watched their video.

Frequently asked questions about mmhmm TV

Can I tell who has viewed my mmhmm content? 

Publicly shared videos will show the number of views only. A privately shared mmhmm video or a mmhmm video shared within an organization will show deeper analytics such as video reactions as well as who specifically has viewed the video.

Can viewers leave emoji feedback on all videos?

Emoji reactions are only available for private and business videos. They are not available for public videos.


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