Frequently asked questions about mmhmm 2.1 for Mac

How does my audience see my presentation after I’ve published it?
Once you publish a mmhmm recording, you’ll get a link that you can share with your audience. They can visit the link to watch your mmhmm recording on their browser.

Note: Your mmhmm recording is not publicly searchable, so only people with the link can view it. We will be adding other sharing and security features soon. 

Why would I publish as a mmhmm recording vs. an .mp4?
When someone is viewing your published mmhmm recording, they will see your slides shown beneath the video player (it looks very much like how your slides appear in the slide tray of your mmhmm presentation when editing). With a published mmhmm recording, your audience can rewatch a certain part or search around to find the information they want by clicking on slides at the bottom of your recording.

.mp4’s are a great option if you’d like to edit the recording outside of mmhmm using other video editing software, or if you need a broadly-compatible format that you can upload to another app or another video streaming site. 

What do "Use Recorded Settings" and "Use Scene Settings" mean? I don't see a difference when I switch between them.
When you playback a take, Use recorded settings is on by default. This means mmhmm will play the take using the same room and presenter settings that you used when you made the recording.

If you want to use the same presenter video for that take but you want to change any of the room and presenter settings, you can change the room and presenter settings in Edit mode for the scene. Then you can switch to Use scene settings in the Manage Takes window. The take will now inherit the updated room and presenter settings for that scene.

Settings that work with Use scene settings:

  • Opacity
  • Size
  • Anchor
  • Effects
  • Room
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