OOO is designed to connect you and another person seamlessly. With OOO, you and a friend can share experiences virtually as if you were right next to each other in real life. Whether you choose to share the same virtual room or show up in your actual room, OOO puts you in the same space as someone else with the same perspective.

In this article, we will go over:

  1. How to download OOO
  2. How to change your background 
  3. How to switch camera views
  4. How to change how you look
  5. How to start a call with another person
  6. Recording

How to download OOO

OOO is mmhmm’s new iOS & iPadOS app, now available on the App Store and is compatible with all iOS devices that run iOS 14.1 or higher and iPadOS (all versions).

The simultaneous front and back camera usage is only compatible with certain iPhones and iPads:


  • iPhone – XS series XR and later
  • iPad Pro – (3rd Gen) and later
  • iPad – 8th Gen and later

Not Supported:

  • iPhone – SE (1st Gen), 5, 6, 7, 8
  • iPad Pro (2nd Gen) or earlier
  • iPad – 7th Gen and earlier

To get started, download the app. You can also head over to the App Store and search for mmhmm OOO:


How to change your background 

OOO starts the call using your actual background with the front-facing camera.


To see yourself in your friend’s background, tap Theirs from the options on the upper right. 


Theirs view on iPad

To choose a virtual background, touch the Rooms Button from the upper right corner of the screen. You can select a background from our room catalog or use a photo from your library. Note: Virtual backgrounds will only show while using the front camera view.


How to switch camera views

Use the front camera to show yourself and your friend in the same room. Switch to your back camera to put your images on top of what’s in front of you. Tap the camera button to switch cameras. Drag the slider to zoom in and out of the back camera.


Front camera on iPhone


Back camera view on iPad and iPhone

How to change your appearance

Tap the effects button at the bottom of the screen to change the way you look.


Bottom Menu Glossary

icon_Mic__1_.png Mic: Toggle your volume on and off. 

icon_EyeShow__1_.png Show/Hide: Turn your front camera on or off.

icon_Draw__1_.png Draw: Write on screen in a variety of colors.

icon_Effects__1_.png Effects: Select from a handful of our most popular filters like Black and White, Touch Up, Pixelize and more!

icon_MaskSilhouette.png Mask: Show up as a silhouette or in a circle.  

icon_Opacity__1_.png Presenter Opacity: Adjust your opacity to look like a ghost.

How to start a call with another person

Touch the green icon to invite a friend. Your friend will also need OOO installed on their iOS device. Your friend can join the call by opening the invite link. 



Tap the capture button in the bottom right corner to take a screenshot. Press and hold the button for 3 seconds to record video.  Your photo or video will save to your photo album.


Download OOO today and let us know what you think! If you run into any problems along the way, please reach out to our awesome Support team by emailing


Frequently asked questions about OOO for iOS

How secure is OOO?
We don’t store or send any personal information. To establish a connection between two devices, we use WebRTC, which Google and Facebook use for their video-conference apps. 

Do I need a mmhmm account in order to use OOO? 
Nope! You can use OOO whether you have a mmhmm account or not.

Does OOO work with mmhmm on Desktop?
OOO allows calls only between iOS and iPadOS users. In the future, the app will work with other platforms like Windows and Mac.

Why is it called OOO?
OOO’s name comes from the acronym for “out of office,” and taking you out of the formal office grid is exactly what we want to do. 

Can I use OOO on all of my devices?
We are hard at work on making the app cross-platform compatible, but it is currently only available on iOS and iPadOS. We will offer OOO for other platforms in the future!

What is the recommended size of a room image for OOO?
We recommend 1080x1920 for the portrait mode.

Why can my friend use the dual-camera feature, but I can’t?
Currently, dual-camera support is only available on newer iPhones and iPads. Please refer to the list below for which iOS devices dual-camera is compatible with:


  • iPhone – XS series XR and later
  • iPad Pro – (3rd Gen) and later
  • iPad – 8th Gen and later

Not Supported:

  • iPhone – SE (1st Gen), 5, 6, 7, 8
  • iPad Pro (2nd Gen) or earlier
  • iPad – 7th Gen and earlier

Is this the same thing as Teleport?
Yes! We previously referred to this as Teleport, but decided to go for another palindrome.

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