Update: mmhmm for Windows 1.1

mmhmm for Windows 1.1 adds a multi-mode Pointer for highlighting your content and a customizable Away screen message. We have also added compatibility with many other virtual cameras.

Away Screen


On the Presenter panel, we’ve added an Away button for stepping away from your presentation with a message on screen. To change the message your viewers see, click the three dots next to the Away button and type your message into the textbox. 

CAUTION: The Away button does not mute your call. Make sure to also mute yourself with whatever video call platform you are using.


mmhmm now offers four different types of pointers, just click the Pointer checkbox to activate them.

  • Cursor - A simple pointer visible to your viewers, and available in 3 shapes. In this mode, your mouse pointer still works as you’d expect on the screen, letting you resize yourself or drag a slide as needed.

  • Laser - A pointer with a colorful trail. Hold down the mouse button to keep the trail visible.

  • Pencil - Draw on the screen in several colors. To clear the screen of your drawings, choose a different pointer option, uncheck the Pointer button, or go to the next slide.

  • Magnify - The magnifying pointer zooms in for extra detail. You can choose a circle or square shape, and 2x or 3x magnification.

Virtual Camera Compatibility 

mmhmm now works with virtual cameras such as OBS. These should all show up in mmhmm's camera selection as intended. If you aren't seeing yours, please reach out to help@mmhmm.app and we'll take a look for you. 

Your feedback makes this possible

Let us know what you'd love to see in mmhmm next at iwant@mmhmm.app and keep an eye out for future updates. 

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