What's new in Windows Beta 2

New in mmhmm for Windows beta

We're still in beta with Windows and we're working with a select number of testers as we get the product ready for release to everyone.

For those of you who are helping us test the Windows version, here's what's new in the Beta 2 update:

  • Full frame mask mode: Full frame is the square frame in the Presenter tab. This allows you to show as much or as little of your real room behind you as you would like. For more on frames, read Adjusting your appearance with the presenter panel.  
  • Expanded room catalog: Now you can upload your own custom rooms, play with slide settings with each room
  • Keyboard shortcuts: We've added these hotkeys for quick actions in mmhmm.

    Ctrl + N New file

    Ctrl + O Open file

    Ctrl + W Close file

    Ctrl + S Save file

    Ctrl + Shift + S Save As

    Ctrl + D Duplicate file

    Shift + Delete Delete selected slides

    Shift + R Reset settings

We know many of you are excited to get into mmhmm for Windows—we're excited, too! If you're on the waitlist, we'll email you when we're ready. And if you're not on the waitlist yet, here's where you can add your name and contact information.

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