Getting started with mmhmm for Windows beta

Hello and welcome to mmhmm! 

We have officially begun welcoming testers to mmhmm for Windows beta. If you haven't done it already, you can download mmhmm for Windows here

The Windows version is still in beta, and some of the features available in mmhmm for Mac are not yet available in mmhmm for Windows. Don’t worry—we’ll be adding more features in the coming months, and we’ll update this guide as Windows beta gets built out.

Please report bugs to, we really appreciate this! If you need help troubleshooting, just send us a note and we'll be happy to assist as quickly as we can.


Please note that upgrading to Premium or a Business account while the Windows app is in beta will not grant "bonus features" to Windows beta users for features as seen in the Mac app. Stay tuned for more features coming to the Windows beta app, I promise it'll be worth it!


Here are some tips to get you started:

Get to know mmhmm for Windows beta


Stay tuned for more features coming soon!


Look your best

Mmhmm works great with a green screen or any solid color background. If you have one of those, the first thing you should do when you launch the app is click the Camera button on the top right, check the I have a green screen box, and tweak the Threshold sliders as needed. We’ve also added a Zoom slider to the Camera so you can crop the edges if parts of your green screen keep sneaking into view.


If you don’t have a green screen, we’ve got you covered! Just leave the I have a green screen box unchecked (you can zoom in and out in virtual mode, too), go to the Presenter panel, and experiment with the Silhouette, Rectangle Frame, and Round Frame to see how you prefer to frame yourself.  Our virtual green screen performance accurately detects your silhouette with less amoeba halo—and as with everything else, it’ll keep getting better.


Move around, shrink yourself, and ghost

Try clicking on your face in the main mmhmm window (aka the Stage) and dragging yourself around. Scrolling up and down with two fingers lets you gradually fade into oblivion.

You can also play with these fun Effects in the Presenter panel. Try turning yourself into a semi-transparent blue holograph from Star Wars. Those guys knew how to work remotely!


If you're having too much fun making yourself shrink, pixelating yourself, and changing colors, just hit Reset in the Presenter panel, and you'll pop back to normal.

Get a room

Use the Rooms panel to choose (and change) whichever room or background suits your fancy.


You can also play around with Dynamic Rooms—they’re the ones with a white play button. These are beautiful, animated backgrounds generated in real-time with code. You can customize these according to your style, and because these use way less processing power than video files, your computer won’t sound like it’s trying to lift off.

You also have the ability to upload your own custom room. Go to Rooms panel > More rooms > Add your own > Add Room and choose a file from your hard drive.


Show 'em your stuff

The slide tray below the main stage is where you put your ... slides. You can now import your presentations from PowerPoint, Keynote, and PDF files. Your deck gets converted into an mmhmm presentation, and you can add or remove slides right in mmhmm. To import a previous presentation, go to File > Import File and choose what you want to present.

You can also drag images or movies to the slide tray. Alternatively, you can push + New Slide on top of the slide tray to add media and share your screen. (When sharing your screen, you can resize and interact with your selected window normally, and the changes will be reflected in mmhmm.)



Join a video meeting or stream your show

Once you’ve got your presentation set up and you’re broadcasting, you can change your video source to mmhmm Camera in apps that stream video, such as Zoom or Google Meet.

To get mmhmm to work with Zoom, make sure you’ve got the newest version of Zoom (5.1.2 or later), restart it, and select mmhmm Camera in the Zoom camera dropdown. To get it to work with Google Meet, please use Chrome or Firefox and restart your browser after installing mmhmm.




Help, my text is mirrored!

If your slides show up reversed when you're looking at yourself in Zoom or Google Meet, don't worry! It looks normal to everyone else. This is a "feature" - ahem - in some video conferencing apps because they think you prefer to see yourself the way you would in a mirror rather than on TV. It makes pointing slightly easier at the expense of making it harder to read. You can keep this default setting (remember, no one else sees the mirroring effect), but if you don’t like it, just turn it off in your video app if they allow it (we know for sure this is something you can do in Zoom). We think you should turn it off. If your local news anchor can point appropriately, so can you!


Share your feedback

There's a lot more to discover, so explore and let us know how we can keep improving. Please send bugs to and feature requests or other thoughts to We truly welcome your feedback, and hope you find mmhmm fuseful! (That's our unofficial motto, a combination of fun and useful. We stole it from Biz Stone.)



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