mmhmm for Mac 1.1 and mmhmm for Windows beta

The time has come, mmhmm has officially started taking in beta testers for mmhmm for Windows. Haven't signed up to test? Add yourself to the waitlist here!


New in mmhmm for Mac 1.1

New in mmhmm for Windows beta


New in mmhmm for Mac 1.1

No background 

Many of you asked to be able to show your real background on camera. (Clearly, you have stronger decorating and decluttering skills than we do.) So, we added it: Now you can use your IRL background on camera while showing your slides, video, or images. (Don’t worry, the rest of you can still choose from dozens of unique virtual backgrounds, with or without a green screen.)


Simply choose Full Frame in the Presenter panel and drag the frame to the desired size. You can crop it as much or as little as you'd like and place your slides right on top. Keep in mind that the slide is going to be on top of your image, so move accordingly. 


Big Hands

If using your hands to create giant emojis on video sounds fun, this one’s for you. Give thanks, show your love, give a thumbs up—providing reactions on a video call while staying muted has never been so easy. Available for users on Big Sur only (if you’ve been waiting for a reason to update your OS, this may be it!).



In the Presenter panel, toggle on Big hands or press to start using Big Hands today!





Look better (or funnier, or old-timier, or wetter, etc.) by using our eight new effects. Now you can pixelate if you’re in witness protection, get ready for your black-and-white close-up, make it rain, and more. Effects.png


New themed rooms

We’ve added lots of rooms with a little extra wizardry that puts your face in a boombox, or behind a podium for your own impromptu press conference at your local landscaping center. Check out the new Themed Rooms category in the Rooms Catalog.


Get the update

Ready to try it out? To get the new version, click the "mmhmm" menu (at the top of your Mac's screen next to the Apple icon) and "Check for updates."

If you are a Mac user and are interested in re-joining the beta track to help us test new features and get sneak peeks of features coming soon, copy and paste this link in your browser and click return to download this version. 



New in mmhmm for Windows beta

Welcome + join the waitlist

We are so excited to officially be kicking off our Windows beta launch! Building native Windows software is different from developing for the Mac in the sheer number of hardware, software, device, and driver permutations that we have to test and support. 


Because of this, we’ll be running the Windows beta a little differently: we’re asking our beta testers to fill out this questionnaire about their configurations and intended use cases, and every week we’ll send out enough beta invites to make sure that we have a statistically significant sample of new and existing users to cover the various combinations.


We’ll be adding more and more features as we prepare for a full release in the spring, so we’re adding beta testers in a slow and controlled way to make sure we learn as much as possible from each person’s experience. We’ll let you know by email as soon as a spot opens up for you. It might take a few weeks, so we really appreciate your patience for now.

You can get on one of the early test panels by completing the survey below. We love our beta testers! Thank you for all your help. Haven't signed up to test? It's not too late, add yourself here.


Getting started:

Log in with your email and the beta invite code that was emailed to you and begin your journey


Meet mmhmm for Windows beta

Welcome to our Windows beta! Get familiar with the interface of the app:




Questions? Email




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