How much is mmhmm Premium?


This article covers the cost of mmhmm Premium and how to sign up for free as a teacher or student. It also covers what happens if you cancel your subscription and a list of frequently asked questions.  To learn more about the features of mmhmm Premium, click here.

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How much is mmhmm Premium?

Subscription type Pricing
Monthly $12 / month
Annually $10 / month (billed annually)

Every new user gets mmhmm Premium free for 30 days.

A year of free Premium access for teachers and students

Hundreds of educators tell us mmhmm helps create enriching virtual classrooms, so we’re offering mmhmm Premium free of charge to students and educators for one year. For details on how to sign up, read: I'm a teacher or student. How can I upgrade to a free year of mmhmm Premium?

What happens if I cancel my mmhmm Premium subscription? 

If you cancel your mmhmm Premium subscription, you will still have access to Premium features until your renewal date. After the renewal date, you will automatically be downgraded to the free version of mmhmm which will give you access to the following features:

  • Free rooms in mmhmm for Mac and Windows. 
  • Web calls up to 40 minutes long with up to 5 users per call.
  • Export up to 5 recordings per month with unlimited minutes per recording.
  • Watch and comment on shared private videos on mmhmm for web. 

Your presentations will still be accessible, however, any Premium Rooms you used in your presentations will be replaced with a free Room during presentation playback or publishing.

Already published presentations that use Premium Rooms will remain untouched. 


Are there any limits on the number of mmhmm for web calls I can make without a premium subscription?
No. There are no limits on the number of calls you can make with a free mmhmm account.

How many times can I connect mmhmm to another video service (e.g. Zoom)?
You can connect mmhmm to other video services without a limit, regardless of what tier of mmhmm you are using. 

Is there a discount for annual billing?
Yes. mmhmm Premium is $120 per year (compared to $12 per month), while mmhmm for Teams is $180 per year (compared to $18 per month). 

How long do I have access to Premium rooms?
When you sign up for mmhmm, you receive a free 30-day trial of Premium features. You get unlimited access to hundreds of Premium rooms. After your trial ends, you will have access to a limited number of free rooms.

Do you offer support for billing questions or issues?
Yes. Our support team is happy to resolve any issue that might come up with your subscription. 


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