How much does mmhmm cost?

Learn about mmhmm's pricing model. Every new user can try mmhmm for free for 30 days.

mmhmm pricing structure

Subscription type
Billing frequency
mmhmm for individuals
Monthly $12 / month
mmhmm for individuals Annually $120 / year (16% discount)
mmhmm for Teams
$18 / active user* / month
mmhmm for Teams
$180 / active user* / year (16% discount)

*An active user is a user who has logged in and used the app at least once during the billing period. This means you only have to pay for the people on your team that have activated their accounts and are using the product. Some of your users may also qualify for prorated pricing.

Purchase an mmhmm subscription

You can purchase a subscription by launching mmhmm and clicking Buy now on the top right hand side of the window:

mmhmm buy now.png

You can also upgrade by logging in with your mmhmm account at and clicking Upgrade:

mmhmm upgrade to premium.png

Questions about pricing (FAQ)

How does the 30-day free trial work?

After you sign-up you may use mmhmm for 30 days during a free trial period. After the 30 day trial is over, you will be required to pay to use mmhmm.

How many times can I connect mmhmm to another video service (e.g. Zoom)?

There's no limit to how many times you can connect mmhmm to other video services.
Prorated active users (mmhmm for Teams)
Note: Prorated pricing is only available for mmhmm for Teams annual subscriptions. 

If a user joins your Teams account and uses mmhmm after the start of your annual subscription date, their subscription price will be prorated for the rest of the year.
For example, if your annual subscription started on January 1st, but the user joined in June, you would only be charged for 7 months for that user for the rest of the year.

Do you offer support for billing questions or issues?
Yes. Our support team is happy to resolve any issue that might come up with your subscription.
What is included in priority support?
Those who qualify for priority support receive the fastest response and resolution times, 24 hours a day 6 days a week by a senior support engineer.
What happens if I cancel my mmhmm subscription?
If you cancel your mmhmm subscription, you will still have access to mmhmm until your renewal date. After the renewal date, you will no longer have access to mmhmm and its features.
Can I get mmhmm for free?
Hundreds of educators tell us mmhmm helps create enriching virtual classrooms, so we’re offering mmhmm free of charge to students and educators for one year. For details on how to sign up, read: I'm a teacher or student. How can I upgrade to a free year of mmhmm?
How does mmhmm make money?
We think it's important for people to know how tech companies make money. The product is the product. We have a very simple business model — we only make money when people and companies enjoy our product enough to pay us for it. We don’t have ads and we don’t monetize your data.

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