Adding new rooms via the mmhmm room catalog

The Rooms catalog helps you better manage and browse the rooms that are available within mmhmm. To access it, navigate to the Rooms tab in the right-hand panel of mmhmm and click ‘More rooms’




A new window will open where you can browse the available rooms. On the left is a list of different themes you can browse by. Select ‘All rooms’ to view them all at once. To add a Room, click the plus sign beneath the preview image. To remove a room, hover your mouse over ‘Added ✓’ and click ‘Remove -’.


Rooms you have added will appear in the Rooms tab when you close out of the catalog. To rearrange the order they appear in, click any room and drag it to the position you want. 

Tip: the first ten Rooms are assigned shortcuts (⌘0-9) to make it easy to change Rooms on the fly.

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