Use an external USB microphone with mmhmm

There are two ways to use your external USB microphone with mmhmm:

  • Configure it via your video conferencing platform (Zoom, Meet, etc.)
  • Configure it within mmhmm itself

Configure your microphone via video conferencing platform

If you want to use mmhmm with your external USB mic during virtual meetings on Zoom, Meet, Microsoft Teams, or any other conferencing platform:

  1. Connect your USB microphone to your computer.
  2. Go to your video conferencing tool's settings.
  3. Click the audio, sound, or mic tab.
  4. Select your USB microphone.

No additional configuration within the mmhmm software itself is required. However, you may want to follow the steps below if you plan on recording a presentation in mmhmm in the future. 

Configure your microphone within mmhmm

If you want to record presentations in mmhmm using your external USB mic:

  1. Make sure your USB microphone is physically plugged into your computer. 
  2. Click the Mic dropdown menu on the bottom right-hand side of mmhmm.


  3. Select your USB microphone from the list.
  4. Do a sound check to test that the platform is picking up your signal. Most platforms have an animated sound wave to indicate that it is picking up sound. 
Note: You will still have to configure audio via video conferencing (above) if you intend to use your external microphone on your video conferencing calls.

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