mmhmm Premium grants users access to Premium rooms, mmhmm conversations, the ability to export more recordings, and share private videos. Every new user gets mmhmm Premium free for 30 days. 


When you first install mmhmm, you’ll notice that you will only have access to free rooms and that you can only publish up to five (5) recordings per month. In order to remove this limit, you will need to upgrade to mmhmm Premium. 


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What's included in mmhmm premium? 

With mmhmm Premium, you get access to the following features:

  • Full access to all rooms in mmhmm desktop, mmhmm web, and mmhmm Studio. 
  • Access to mmhmm conversations with unlimited minutes with up to 10 users per call.
  • Ability to export as many recordings as you want with unlimited minutes per recording.
  • Ability to watch and comment on shared private videos on mmhmm TV. 
  • Access to viewer stats and analytics on your shared videos.

How to upgrade to mmhmm Premium

You can upgrade to mmhmm premium by logging in with your mmhmm account at and clicking Upgrade:


You can also upgrade from within the mmhmm app:

mmhmm desktop and web mmhmm Studio
While recording a video on mmhmm desktop or mmhmm web.


When hosting a conversation on mmhmm desktop or web.


You’ll still be able to create powerful presentations even if you don’t choose to purchase mmhmm Premium. Click here to learn more about pricing for mmhmm Premium. 


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