Record, edit, and share videos

Record and edit your mmhmm conversation or presentation and share it with others.

Start recording

Note: Many people in the same mmhmm conversation can start a recording simultaneously.

  1. Open the mmhmm app on your computer or in a web browser.
  2. Click the red Record new button under the mmhmm stage to start recording. You'll need to sign into your mmhmm account if you have not done so already. Your recording will begin after a 3-second countdown. During this time, click the Stop button to cancel the recording process altogether.

mmhmm recording 12:2023.gif

Click Stop to stop recording. This will create a new video clip called a chapter. Also, a video editor window will appear where you can review the chapter you just recorded. You will also have the option to trim, add overlays, split, merge, delete, reorder, or publish your video. Read below for more details on each of these options.

Video editor interface

The video editor window opens every time you finish recording a video clip. Open the video editor anytime by clicking My videos next to the Record button.

Tip: Click the image below to enlarge it.

mmhmm video editor window 2_2024.png 

Video preview Play your video to review it.
Trim Trim your recorded chapters.
Add visuals and text to your video over the current scene.
Split a recorded chapter into 2 separate chapters, or merge multiple chapters into 1.
(The merge button only appears when multiple chapters are selected.)
Delete Delete chapters.
Chapter timeline Visualize the order of your recorded chapters. Click and drag chapters to reorder them.
Video title Edit the title of your video.
Close editor Close the video editing window.
... More More actions - recover deleted chapters.
Publish Publish your video to mmhmm and share it with others.

Review your video

Review your video by clicking Play in the video editor.

play after recording.png

Trim what you just recorded

When you're done recording, click the Stop button to stop your recording. This will create a new video chapter and reveal the video editor window. Here, you can trim your recording. Trimming recorded chapters helps to smooth transitions from one chapter to another.

To trim, or delete the parts of your recording you don't want:

  1. Select the chapter you want to trim.
  2. Click Trim to open the trimming tool. (Alternatively, double-click the chapter to open the trimming tool.)

    mmhmm trim selected chapter.png

  3. Click and drag each end of the video slider to define the part of the chapter you want to keep. The grayed out sections will be trimmed. Optionally, click Zoom in for more granular and precise control.

    mmhmm trimming a recorded video with zoom.gif

  4. Review your edit by using your mouse to hover over the video preview. Click play (or the space bar on your keyboard) to play the trimmed part of the chapter.
  5. Once you're satisfied with your edit, click Save trim. Optionally, click Cancel if you change your mind about trimming.

By default, you can only trim the beginning and end of each recorded chapter. There is, however, a workaround to trim out sections of recorded video in the middle of your chapter:

  1. Split a chapter right before the section you want to trim. This will split your chapter into 2 chapters.
  2. Trim each chapter so that the desired section is removed.
  3. Merge the 2 chapters back into 1 single chapter.

When you're satisfied with your edit, you can:

Add overlays and title cards

Overlays let you add visuals and text to your video after recording, so you don’t need to plan them in advance. They work like L-cuts or J-cuts, which are film editing transitions where new visuals appear over the current scene. Use overlays to:

  • Emphasize Points: Highlight important information without disrupting the flow.
  • Insert Title Cards: Signal new sections in your video.
  • Add Variety: Break up similar scenes with B-roll or still images without leaving moments of dead audio.

Add an overlay to your chapter

  1. In the video editor window, click the chapter where you want to add an overlay.
  2. Click Add overlay to open the media library.

    mmhmm add overlay button.png

  3. Choose any piece of content from your media library to add to your video, or upload new content from your computer. Then, click Add. Your media will upload and convert to an overlay. 
  4. Click and drag the overlay to change the position in the chapter timeline.
  5. Click the overlay to highlight it. Click and drag each end (represented by the purple grab handles) to change the duration of the overlay.  If the overlay duration is longer than the video itself, the overlay will loop.
  6. Hover over the overlay to reveal the more (3 dots) button. Click the more button to change how the overlay appears on screen:
    • Click Fill to crop the overlay to fill the whole screen. This will crop the sides of your media.
    • Click Fit to show the entire content of the overlay with colored bars on the sides or top/bottom.
    • Click Delete to delete the overlay.

    mmhmm overlay fill fit delete.png
  7. Click Save changes.

Add a title card to your chapter

Note: Title cards are overlays that show text instead of a visual.
  1. In the video editor window, click the chapter where you want to add a title card.
  2. Click Add overlay to open the media library.
  3. Click New title card at the top of the media library window.

    mmhmm overlay new title card.png

  4. Edit the title card in the window that appears. You can change the text, color, size, and format.
  5. Click Save to save and create the title card.
  6. Click and drag the title card to change its position in the chapter timeline. Click the added title card to highlight it. Click and drag each end (represented by purple grab handles) to change the duration of the title card. 
  7. Hover over the title card to reveal the more (3 dots) button. Click it to change how the title card appears on screen:
    • Click Edit title card to change the contents and formatting of the title card.
    • Click Delete to delete the title card.
  8. Click Save changes.

When you're satisfied, you can:

Publish and share your video

Once you finish recording and are ready to share your video, give your video a title and click Publish in the video editor window.

mmhmm naming and publishing video.gif

Your video will open in the mmhmm video player window in a new browser tab. Here, edit your video title and description, choose your videos privacy settings, or modify any of the other settings related to your video. Share a link to the video or add your video to an mmhmm channel by clicking Share. 

mmhmm video settings window.png

Delete chapters (or recover deleted chapters)

To delete entire chapters of your video:

  1. Open the video editor.
  2. Click the chapter you want to delete. (Hold the shift key on your keyboard while clicking on the desired chapters to delete multiple chapters at once.
  3. Click Delete (trash can).

delete chapter.png

If you change your mind and want to recover a deleted chapter, click ... (3 dots) on the right-hand side of the video editor and click Show deleted chapters. This button will also show how many chapters you deleted.

mmhmm show deleted chapters.png

  1. Click the chapter you want to restore. (Hold the shift key on your keyboard while clicking on the desired chapters to restore multiple chapters at once.)
  2. Click Restore.

mmhmm restore deleted chapters.png

Rearrange chapters

To rearrange chapters in your video, click and drag a chapter to your desired spot in the video editor. Hold the shift key on your keyboard while clicking and dragging the desired chapters to rearrange multiple chapters at once.

mmhmm rearrange chapters.gif

Split chapters

Note: You can split a chapter as many times as you'd like, provided the shortest duration of a split chapter is at least 1 second. 

You may want to split chapters to separate topics of your video into individual chapters. To do this, click and drag the playhead in the video progress bar to the desired chapter section of your video. A black bar will appear in the timeline below to illustrate the location of the playhead.

drag playhead video editor.gif

Once you are happy with the playhead position, click Split. The chapter will split where the playhead is located.

Merge chapters

Note: The process of merging chapters removes trimmed video from each chapter section. The chapter merging process can not be undone.

You may want to merge chapters together to group sections of your video by similar topic. By default, the merge button is hidden until you select 2 or more chapter sections. To merge chapters, hold the shift key on your keyboard while clicking the desired chapters. Then, click Merge. A confirmation window will appear asking if you'd like to proceed. When you're ready, click Merge.

merge 2 chapters.gif


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