5. Recording your mmhmm presentation

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Hi there! If you’re like us, you’re spending a lot more time on video than ever before. With mmhmm, we’re trying to make that a bit more fun and engaging. Clear, compelling video communication should be easy for everyone.

This document is meant to be a user manual of sorts, so read it in its entirety or use the table of contents to jump around. Don’t see the answer to your question? If you’re having technical difficulties or want to suggest a topic for this guide, drop us a line at help@mmhmm.app.


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Recording your mmhmm presentation

Recordings are a great way to share demos and presentations asynchronously. For example, teachers recording lessons for students, salespeople recording product demos for customers, or entrepreneurs recording a pitch for investors—these are just some of the ways you can use mmhmm to layer a personalized video delivery with your slide content and record it for someone else to view. 

The record icon is on the upper left corner of the mmhmm window. Before mmhmm begins recording, the message window will countdown from three to give you time to get ready.

You can choose two ways to record a presentation—Record to file or Interactive recording (Mac only)



Record to file

This method of recording creates an MP4 (standard) video file on your hard drive. To start recording an MP4 video, click Record > Record to file (.mp4). After a three-second countdown, the button will signal that recording is in progress. When you have finished your presentation, click the button again to stop recording. 

Stopping your recording will allow you to name the file and specify where you want to save it. 

Interactive Recording (Mac only)

Interactive recordings are coming soon to Windows.

Instead of creating a file, you can automatically upload your recording to mmhmm’s website, where your intended audience can view the video presentation (along with the slides) and interact with it. 

When you stop your Interactive Recording, you will be given a URL that the video will be uploaded to. The URL destination of this recording type is never made public and is private to you and those you share it with. If you ever need to refer back to the URL of Interactive Recordings you have made in the past, it is available from the mmhmm Record menu at the top of your screen > View all recordings.


Mmhmm’s Interactive Recordings divide your video presentation into one section per slide. This allows people to navigate your presentation at their own pace. By clicking the slide previews at the bottom of the viewer, they can skip ahead to the parts most relevant to them or review a previously covered section. 

Interactive Recordings also allow your audience to see the slides with or without the presenter, giving your audience full control over the experience to make it most useful to them.

To create an Interactive Recording, click Record > Interactive Recording. After a three-second countdown, the button will turn blue, signaling that recording is in progress. When you have finished your presentation and want to stop recording, click the blue Stop button. A window will pop up, allowing you to enter the author, title, and description of the presentation. Click Upload and you will be given the URL for the finished product so you can review the presentation and share that link with others. You can always retrieve this URL by selecting View all recordings from the recording menu (see below for more details).  

Here’s an Interactive Recording you can play with: “Why are we called mmhmm?”

Managing your recordings

 Your Interactive Recordings can be accessed and managed from the recording menu. To do this, click Record > View all recordings. A window will pop up containing all the Interactive Recordings you’ve made in the past. From here, click Share to open up your management options:

  • Open – Opens your recording in a web browser
  • Edit… – Edits the author, title, and description of your recording. 
  • Copy link – Copies the URL of your recording to your clipboard to be pasted elsewhere.
  • Regenerate link – This will reset the URL of your recording, breaking all links to the previous URL. 
  • Delete - Click to delete. The recording will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.

Note that these options are not available for MP4 recordings (Record to file option in the recording menu).

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