You can record your mmhmm call or presentation and share it on mmhmm to reach a wider audience in your team or organization.

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Record a video

mmhmm mmhmm Studio

In a web browser, navigate to the mmhmm home page and click Launch mmhmm on the top right-hand side of the window. This will open a recording session in a new tab. Alternatively, open mmhmm if you have it installed on your machine.


Click the red Record button to start your recording. mmhmm will ask you to sign into your account if you have not done so already. Your recording will start after a three second countdown. During this time, you can click the Stop button to cancel the recording process altogether.

Tip: Multiple people can record at the same time.


Click Pause to pause recording. A new window will appear where you can review your recorded video or trim your recording. You will also have the following options:

Discard all Delete and remove your recorded video. Clicking this button will prompt you to confirm your choice. 
Continue recording Resume recording. You recording will resume after a three second countdown. 
Save video Save and share your recording to mmhmm.



Trim your recording

mmhmm mmhmm Studio
When recording, click the Pause button to pause your recording and reveal the preview window. Here, you can trim your recording.


To delete the parts of your recording you don't want, click and drag the section above the progress bar to highlight the unwanted part of the recording. Then, click Delete to delete it. Optionally, you may click Undo if you made a mistake.


When you're satisfied with your edit, you can click Continue recording to continue or click Save video to finish your recording and share it to mmhmm.


Review your recording

mmhmm mmhmm Studio
Click Pause to pause recording.


A new window will appear where you can press the Play button to review your recorded video. If you need to make any changes, you can always trim your recording or click Discard all and rerecord your video. 


Save and share your video

mmhmm mmhmm Studio

Once you are done recording and are ready to save and share your video, click Save video. You will see a progress bar letting you know once your video has successfully uploaded to mmhmm.


Once your video has finished uploading, it will open a new video player window. Here, give your video a title, choose your videos privacy settings, or edit any of the other settings related to your video. You may also share a link to the video or add your video to an mmhmm channel by clicking Share. 



Use takes in mmhmm Studio

Note: The takes feature is currently only available in mmhmm Studio.

With takes, you can redo recordings on a slide-by-slide basis instead of re-recording your entire presentation. During a recording session, mmhmm will automatically generate a take for each slide. An icon will appear next to the slide name to show that a take was recorded for that slide.


Tip: Start a new recording session if you want to re-record any of your slides or redo the take. There is no limit to the number of takes you can record.

To choose which take you’d like to use in the final presentation, select that take from the dropdown on the right side of the mode bar.


You can also select Manage Takes to see a preview of each take and select which one you’d like to use in your final presentation.


CopyRename, or Delete any of the takes listed on that slide by clicking on the ellipsis ... next to your desired take. 


You can also upload a video slide and set it as an "original video" so that when you playback your mmhmm presentation, the slide looks like it was recorded natively in mmhmm instead of a slide behind you:

Video slide over your shoulder Original video
SCR-20230406-ldvj.png SCR-20230406-ldzr.png

To learn more, click here and read the information about mmhmm Studio under File from computer.

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