Add slides to your mmhmm presentation or conversation

Enhance your presentation or conversation in mmhmm with slides. You can also apply slide settings from one slide to another to achieve the same layout and presenter settings.

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Add slides

mmhmm desktop and web mmhmm Studio

In your web browser, go to or open the mmhmm desktop app on your computer.

In the slide tray at the bottom, click Add Slide. This will create a new, blank slide where you can add content, change your slide background, and access presenter controls. By default, your new slide will be added to the mmhmm Scratchpad, which is the default presentation in the mmhmm desktop and web app.


To add content to your blank slide, choose the slide content type at the top of the mmhmm stage. Choose from Media Library, Share Screen, Upload File, Add Text, Search GIPHY, or More to access more slide content options.


Any slide content you add will be stored in the Media Library and can be reused.

Types of slide content

You can add different types of slide content in mmhmm such as text, GIFs, videos, screenshares, and more.

mmhmm desktop and web mmhmm Studio

To share your computer screen or a window, click Share Screen, then select your entire screen or a specific window.


mmhmm desktop and web mmhmm Studio
  • To add text to your slide, click Add Text.
  • Enter the text you want to display on your slide. You can change the font style, color, and alignment, and more using the text toolbar at the top of the window.
  • When you're done, click Create.


mmhmm desktop and web mmhmm Studio
  • To add an animated GIF to your slide, click Search GIPHY.
  • In the search bar, enter a keyword to find a GIF.
  • Select your GIF and click Add.


File from computer (presentations, images, videos)

The following file types are supported in mmhmm:

    1. PDF
    2. JPEG
    3. MP4
    4. MOV (QuickTime file)
    5. PPT & PPTX (PowerPoint)
    6. KEY (Keynote file)
mmhmm desktop and web mmhmm Studio
  • To import a presentation or media file, click Upload File.
  • Click Browse computer.
  • Select a file from your device and click Open.


To import multiple files at the same time:

  • On Mac, press and hold the Shift key while you select the files you want to import. When you're done, click Open.
  • On Windows, press and hold the Ctrl key while you select the files you want to import. When you're done, click Open.

If you import a photo or video file, it will automatically appear on your slide.

If you import a presentation file, it will be converted to an mmhmm presentation and each page or slide will be added as an individual slide. Learn more about importing slides from Google Slides, Keynote, and PowerPoint into mmhmm.

Whiteboard (Draw)

Note: The Whiteboard slide type is currently only available on mmhmm desktop and mmhmm web.

  • To add a whiteboard to your slide, click More and select Draw in the dropdown menu.
  • Hover over the whiteboard to display the controls. You can choose between a thick or thin brushstroke, eight different colors, and clear the whiteboard.
  • To draw, click and drag your cursor across the whiteboard.


mmhmm TV

Note: The mmhmm TV slide type is currently only available on mmhmm desktop and mmhmm web.

  • To add an mmhmm video to your slide, click More and select mmhmm TV in the dropdown menu.
  • Select an mmhmm video that you've published or that has been shared with you. The video will be automatically added to your slide and start playing.


You can adjust the volume, change the playback speed, and jump to individual slides with the video playback controls.


Second camera

You can share a second camera feed to help your audience understand your story from a different angle.

mmhmm desktop and web mmhmm Studio
  • To add a second camera, click More and select Add Camera in the dropdown menu.
  • Click the Select camera dropdown menu and select your second camera.
  • Click Use camera.


Your second camera feed will now appear on your slide.


Manage your slide content

mmhmm desktop and web mmhmm Studio
  • Click and drag your slide content to reposition it on the slide.
  • Click and drag a corner of the slide content to resize it.

Hover over the slide content to do the following:

  • To fill the entire slide with the content, click the Fullscreen full_screen_arrows.png icon.
  • To remove the slide content, click the Trash trash_icon.png icon.
  • To edit, copy, or change the order of the content on the slide, click the Edit pencil_icon.png icon.


To change whether your content appears in front or behind the presenter, click the Style button in the upper right. In the Layout section, select or clear the Media on top checkbox.


Reorder slides

mmhmm desktop and web mmhmm Studio
To change the order of your slides, click and drag the slide to a new position in the slide tray.


Delete slides

mmhmm desktop and web mmhmm Studio
To delete a slide from your presentation, right-click the slide in the slide tray and select Delete.


Apply slide settings to other slides

You may want to position yourself front and center on stage, switch quickly to a different background, or get out of the way of your content. To reuse the same background and presenter settings, you can apply individual slide settings to other slides.

mmhmm desktop and web mmhmm Studio
  • In the slide tray, select the slide with the desired settings.
  • Right-click the target slide and select Apply settings from selected slide.


  • To apply the settings of a slide to all the slides in your presentation, right-click the slide with the desired settings and select Apply settings to all slides.


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