3: Adjusting your rooms (or backgrounds)

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Hi there! If you’re like us, you’re spending a lot more time on video than ever before. With mmhmm, we’re trying to make that a bit more fun and engaging. Clear, compelling video communication should be easy for everyone.

This document is meant to be a user manual of sorts, so read it in its entirety or use the table of contents to jump around. Don’t see the answer to your question? If you’re having technical difficulties or want to suggest a topic for this guide, drop us a line at help@mmhmm.app.


Table of contents


Adjusting your Rooms (or backgrounds)

Rooms are what we call the backgrounds you use in mmhmm. To choose a Room, click the Rooms tab on the right-hand panel, then pick one of the visible Rooms or click “+ More Rooms” to view all available Rooms. 

There are several different types of Rooms:

  • Still images 
  • Dynamic Rooms: Moving backgrounds (procedurally generated with math) with settings you control. Dynamic Rooms have a play button (triangle) icon. 
  • Copilot Rooms: Themed environments shared between two mmhmm copresenters. Copilot Rooms have a two-person icon. For more info on how to work with a copresenter, check the Copilot section of this guide.


How to add your own custom Room

You can also create your own Room from any image or video. To do this, go to the Rooms tab, click “+ More Rooms”, choose “Add your own”, then the “Add Room” button (or just drag an image into the space shown). From there you can pick any JPG, PNG, GIF, MOV, or MP4 file on your hard drive. After adding rooms you can close that room window to get it out of the way again. Your new rooms will appear at the bottom of the Rooms tab in the main mmhmm window.

mmhmm for Mac


mmhmm for Windows


For best results, use an image with a width-to-height pixel ratio of 16:9. We recommend 1920 x 1080 pixels, which is a common size that’s big enough to look great in mmhmm. 

To get out of Room settings, use the < icon to go back to the main panel.


Using your own background as a room

To use your real room as your background, go to the Presenter panel > Frame > Full Frame mask option (the rectangular option in the middle). You can drag the top and side edges of the frame to crop what you want to show. 

mmhmm for Mac


mmhmm for Windows


How to remove Rooms

You can remove any Room that you don’t want to use anymore. Go to the Rooms tab, then click a room and then click the gear icon. There you can adjust how the room behaves or click the “...” icon to remove it.

Tip: You can quickly edit or remove rooms using the right mouse button. Right-click a Room (or hold the Control key and click normally with the mouse or trackpad) to display the Edit and Remove menu. 

To get out of Room settings, use the < icon to go back to the main tabs.


Room settings

All Rooms have adjustable settings. To view them, click a Room, then click the gear icon in the lower right corner of the Rooms thumbnail. These settings only affect the room you have selected.

  • Horizontal and vertical tilt – Tilt is a useful tactic to give your Room a sense of depth by angling the slides in the Room. 

Some Rooms, such as Dynamic Rooms, have extra settings, such as speed controls. Play around and experiment with Dynamic Room settings that you enjoy most. The “reset” changes the settings back to the way they were.

To get out of Room settings, use the < icon to go back to the main tabs.

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