Adjust your appearance

A great show uses space, lighting, and special effects to make the speaker look their best. In mmhmm, you can use the Style panel to change how you're framed, add visual effects, communicate with hand gestures, and more.


Change your opacity

In the Style panel, click and drag the Fade slider to change your presenter opacity from fully opaque, to translucent, to fully transparent on stage. For example, if you want to emphasize your slide content, you can change your opacity to completely transparent so that the audience's full attention is on your slides.

new desktop fade.gif

Change your size

In the Style panel, click and drag the Size slider to adjust your size.

new desktop size.gif

You can also click and drag a corner of your image to adjust your size.

Enhance your appearance

In the Style panel, click and drag the Enhance slider to adjust the light, shadow, and contour of your appearance.

new desktop enhance.gif

Rotate your image

In the Style panel, click and drag the Rotate slider to rotate your appearance. You can also use the rotate icons to rotate your appearance by 0°, 90°, 180°, or 270°.

new desktop rotate.gif

Change your frame

Your frame determines how much of your head, body, and real background appear on stage. By default, your appearance will be framed in silhouette. There are three types of frames in mmhmm:

  1. Silhouette – Frames only your silhouette wherever you're in the camera’s field. This hides your real background with or without a physical green screen.
  2. Circle – A tight circular frame that shows your real background.
  3. Rectangle – A large rectangular frame that shows your real background.

In the Style panel, go to the Frame setting and select a Silhouette, Circle, or Rectangle frame.

new desktop frames.gif

Add visual effects to your appearance

In the Style panel, click the Effects dropdown menu and select an effect to add fun visual overlays to your appearance.

If there's an option to change the intensity of an effect, a slider will appear under the selected effect. Click and drag the slider to adjust the intensity of the effect.

new desktop effects.gif

Communicate with gestures with Big Hands

You communicate visually over video by turning specific hand gestures into live emojis with Big Hands.

In the Style panel, go to the Big Hands setting and select On. You can now use hand gestures like "thumb up" and "telephone" to activate Big Hands.

new desktop big hands.gif

List of hand gestures that activate Big Hands

icn-hand-ThumbsUp copy.png

icn-hand-ThumbDown copy.png icn-hand-Three.png icn-hand-Telephone copy.png icn-hand-heart copy.png
Thumb up Thumb down Shaka Telephone


icn-hand-One copy.png icn-hand-Two.png icn-hand-Three copy.png icn-hand-Five copy.png icn-hand-Thanks copy.png
1 2 3 5 Thanks

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