Set your preferred language in mmhmm


This article covers how to set your preferred language in mmhmm. The apps and website automatically detect which language your computer uses. mmhmm is supported in the following 12 languages:

・Chinese (Simplified)
・Chinese (Traditional)

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How to change the mmhmm app language preference

The apps automatically detect which language your computer uses. When you change the language setting for your computer, mmhmm will use that language.

How to change the mmhmm website language preference

To view the website in another language, choose a different language from the dropdown menu in the footer:


How to change the Help Center language preference

Note: The help center is only available in English and Japanese. 

To change your language in the Help Center, click on the dropdown menu next to the current language:


How to change your e-mail language preference

To change your e-mail language preference, log in to Go to Edit > Email language and choose your preferred language from the dropdown. 


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