Organize multiple presentations by using tabs

Note: Organizing multiple presentations by using tabs is currently only available in mmhmm Studio.

Tabs make the editing and presenting of multiple presentations a breeze. Just as having several tabs open in your internet browser makes your web browsing experience more convenient, mmhmm’s tabs give you quick access to the presentations you’re working on at the same time.  


Working with tabs in mmhmm Studio


By default, you start with one untitled tab. To open a new tab, click the + button on the right-hand side of the tab bar. This will create a new presentation, to which you can add slides, create new rooms, and update camera settings. Each new tab opened will remain untitled until it is named.

Tip: Drag a tab and move it to the left or right to reorder it in the tab bar.


You can click another open tab at any time to access the contents of that presentation. This is a handy way to seamlessly transition from one presentation to another. For example, a teacher might use tabs to quickly transition between lessons.


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