Using the laser pointer with your mmhmm presentation


laser_pointer.pngThe pointer allows you to add a laser pointer effect to your mouse to call attention to a particular part of a slide. 

Mac Windows
pointer_mac_labled.png pointer_windows_labeled.png

To turn it on, click the ‘Pointer’ button at the top of the presenter menu. Then move your mouse over to the stage, or the area where your camera and slide content are visible, and move it around. 

Laser pointer pro-tips:

  • On Mac, use 'P' as a shortcut to toggle the laser on and off. 
  • On Mac, you can select the color of your pointer by clicking the down arrow next to the ‘Pointer’ button and selecting your preferred color. On Windows, use the dropdown menu below the 'Pointer' checkbox. 
  • Click and hold down the mouse button to draw with your laser. The trail you make with your cursor won't disappear until you let go. 

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