Update: beta 3 is here!

The mmhmm beta is still Mac-only for now. We're hard at work on a Windows version.


Today we released beta 3, a significant update that improves the UI and fixes common issues. Here's what's new:


Improvements to the virtual green screen

We've given a big refresh to how mmhmm detects your foreground. Your shadows, hands, coffee mugs, and other items in your frame are more reliably included/excluded from view. Check out the before and after:

Mmhmm still looks better with a physical green screen (if you have one, make sure you enable it in the Camera button), but the virtual green screen is catching up! More improvements to this soon.


More intuitive user interface

Your feedback contributed to a new, streamlined UI:


Presenter and Rooms Panels

Instead of separating the Presenter and Room menus, we’ve grouped them in a persistent panel on the right-hand side of the mmhmm navigation. Use these panels to customize how you and your slides appear to your audience.



Away button

When you need a quick break, clicking the new away button will give you the socially acceptable cover you need.



Presentation tabs

Whenever you want to create a new slide presentation, it will show up in a new tab in mmhmm that can be named, edited, and saved as distinct presentations. Whichever tab is visible to you in the mmhmm window will be the one that is broadcasted to your audience.



Better resolution for screensharing 

Conferencing platforms like Zoom and Meet have two ways of transmitting video. If you’re just a regular participant, they try to save bandwidth by compressing the video stream. We got a lot of feedback that mmhmm slides shown like this would sometimes seem blurry.

This new version fixes this by letting you screenshare your mmhmm window. Video apps transmit shared screens at an extra-sharp resolution so that the audience can read every little detail. Whenever you need to show detailed slide content, simply share the mmhmm screen from Zoom/Meet (or whatever your platform may be). The navigation and menus will be stripped away, leaving your audience only with a super-sharp version of you and the content of your slides. To get the most resolution when screensharing, make your mmhmm window as large as possible.

Share_your_stage_1.pngShare_your_stage_2__1_.pngThis new approach has two additional bonuses:

  1. If you couldn’t originally use mmhmm because your conferencing tool didn’t support camera plugins, you now can.
  2. If mmhmm wasn’t pinning your audience’s view to you when you were sharing your screen the old way, doing it by sharing mmhmm to your video conference will now do that.  


Better support for video slides 

The slides you create from video files now support pause, play, loop, and restart controls and embedded audio.


To facilitate this, we’ve added a microphone button that allows you to select your microphone input. Mmhmm combines your microphone audio with the audio in your video slides so that your audience can hear both at once. 

Note: this is a mandatory step if you want your audience to hear the audio in your video. Click here to learn how to set up your mmhmm audio to support video slides.


Keep the feedback coming!

This round of updates came almost entirely from your feedback, so thank you once again for helping us beta test. Keep the feedback coming: send bug reports to help@mmhmm.app, feature requests to iwant@mmhmm.app, and other feedback to hello@mmhmm.app.

We're also eager to see what you create using mmhmm and regularly highlight your creations on our social channels. Need a little inspiration to get started? Check out our "Three Things" project. 

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