How do I uninstall mmhmm?

As much as we hate to see you go, we totally understand. Whether it be the performance of your computer or simply not wanting to use mmhmm at this time, here is what you need to know to uninstall mmhmm from your Mac. 

To uninstall the v 2.0 build

You can go to the mmhmm menu and choose “Uninstall mmhmm camera”. This removes the virtual camera plugin and the virtual microphone plugin. It doesn’t uninstall the app, but you can do that by simply moving mmhmm to the trash from your Applications folder. Don't forget to empty your trash!




If you've already deleted the mmhmm app

1. Download the uninstall package and run it, if you have the pre v 1.0 app, use this uninstaller.


2. Once the installer completes running, you're all finished!

Note: The uninstall package says "The installation was successful." when you are finished, but don't let the wording fool you, this actually means you have successfully uninstalled the camera. 



For Windows

Right-click on the app in your Start menu or type in mmhmm and click Uninstall, highlight the mmhmm app on the Programs and Features page, and click Uninstall.




If you happen to see the mmhmm camera in your video conferencing apps after uninstalling, please restart that app. If you still see it there, try restarting your computer. If you are still having trouble uninstalling, please email




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