Uninstall mmhmm from your computer

As much as we hate to see you go, we totally understand. Read below to learn how to uninstall mmhmm from your computer. 

Note: Uninstalling mmhmm from your computer does not delete your account. To learn how to delete your mmhmm account, click here.

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How to uninstall mmhmm Studio

You must first uninstall the mmhmm virtual camera before uninstalling mmhmm Studio. Follow the steps below in order for a successful uninstallation.
  1. Start by uninstalling the mmhmm virtual camera. Select Uninstall mmhmm camera in the menu bar on the top left-hand side of your screen. This will only remove the virtual camera plugin and the virtual microphone plugin. It doesn’t uninstall the app, but you can do that by moving mmhmm to the trash from your Applications folder as outlined in step 2. 

  2. Move mmhmm to the trash. Navigate to your Applications folder and right-click on the mmhmm app to bring up the context menu. Select Move to Trash to delete the app from the Applications folder.

  3. Empty the trash. Right-click on the Trash icon in your Mac's dock and select Empty Trash to fully uninstall the mmhmm from your computer.  


Uninstalling mmhmm virtual camera

You only need to follow the steps below if you moved the mmhmm Studio app to the trash and emptied it before uninstalling the mmhmm virtual camera.

  1. Download this uninstall package and run it.

    Screen_Shot_2020-09-17_at_10.11.36_AM.pngScreen_Shot_2020-09-17_at_10.11.47_AM.png Once the installer completes running, you're all finished.


    Note: The uninstall package says "The installation was successful." when you are finished, but don't let the wording fool you, this actually means you have successfully uninstalled the camera.

How to uninstall mmhmm for Windows

  1. Search for mmhmm in the Windows Start menu. 


  2. Right-click on the app in your Start menu or type in mmhmm and click Uninstall, which will open up the Programs and Features page.

  3. Highlight the mmhmm app on the Programs and Features page, and click Uninstall.


  4.  Confirm that you want to uninstall mmhmm in the following dialogue box, and wait for the uninstaller to complete.


  5. Once the uninstaller completes running, you're all finished.

If you happen to see the mmhmm camera in your video conferencing apps after uninstalling, please restart that app. If you still see it there, try restarting your computer.


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