What do the sliders and buttons in the Presenter and Room panels do?

On the right-hand side of the mmhmm navigation, you'll find the Presenter and Room panels. These panels allow you to customize how you and your slides appear to your audience.


Presenter panel

This is where you manage how you appear.

  • Opacity - change how “see through” you appear within the Stage. Click on the button on the left side of the slider to fade yourself out entirely and disappear, or use the / hot-key to toggle between invisible and visible. (note: using a two finger swipe up and down your TrackPad will also accomplish this)
  • Camera size - adjust how big you appear on the Stage (note: pinching in and out on your TrackPad also accomplishes this)
  • Anchor - Select which corner you minimize to or enlarge from when adjusting your camera size
  • Mask - select from a full silhouette or a round or square mask that frames your face. Note: the “pulsating” of these masks will become more stable in future updates.
  • Effects - Use cool effects to jazz up your stage presence. You can add color, a pixelated effect, or anything in between

Rooms Panel

This is where you select and manage your Rooms and how your slides appear. 

  • Rooms with the people icon can be used with a Copilot to create a thematically shared environment with you and your co-presenter. 
  • Click the Gear icon on each room to change the tilt of your slides as well as create a bit of customization in Dynamic Rooms, see here, in the Marbled Room to change your Theme and even the speed of the background. 


  • You can now rearrange your rooms to make them your own presets. Not a huge fan of Arizona (⌘1) but you love a good Swirl? Drag Swirl to Arizona's place so you can have a brand new ⌘1 shortcut. 
  • Adding a new room couldn't be easier because now you can click "+ Add Room" and upload your favorite image. Tip: We recommend 1920 x 1080p for the best quality
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