Import slides from Google Slides / Keynote / PowerPoint into mmhmm

You can import slides from Google Slides, Keynote, PowerPoint, and PDF file presentations into mmhmm or present them directly from your other presentation software.

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Import slides from a PowerPoint, Keynote, or PDF file

Note: To import a Google Slides presentation into mmhmm, download it as a PPTX or PDF file and take the following steps to upload the file to mmhmm. To present directly from Google Slides, use a screen share slide instead. 
mmhmm desktop and web mmhmm Studio
  1. At the top of the mmhmm stage, click Upload File.
  2. Click Browse computer.
  3. Select your PowerPoint (PPT or PPTX), Keynote (KEY), or PDF file from your device.
  4. Click Open. Your presentation file will be converted to an mmhmm presentation and each page or slide will be added as an individual slide.


Present your slides directly with a screen share slide

You can present your slides directly from Google Slides, PowerPoint, and Keynote by starting a slideshow in a new window and sharing that window to mmhmm.

Google Slides PowerPoint Keynote
  1. In Google Slides, open your presentation.
  2. In the upper right of your presentation, next to Slideshow, click the down arrow.
  3. In the dropdown menu, select Presenter view.


  4. A new tab will open with the presenter controls. Hover over the tab and click the X icon to close it. You should now see your Google Slides presentation as a slideshow in your current browser window.
  5. In mmhmm desktop, mmhmm web, or mmhmm Studio, open your mmhmm presentation.
  6. Add a screen share slide and select the Google Slides slideshow window.
  7. Return to the Google Slides slideshow and present your slides from there. 

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