Update: mmhmm beta 2 is here

The mmhmm beta is still Mac-only for now. We're hard at work on a Windows version.


Today we're pushing out beta 2: our first major update to mmhmm. Here's what's new!




Flying solo is fun, but sometimes it's nice to know that someone's got your back. Our new Copilot feature lets two people work and present together. In this first version of Copilot, two people can link up their mmhmm windows. So when one person edits a slide, it shows up on their copilot's window. That way, you can speak while your copilot advances the slides, or you can present together with the confidence that no matter which of you the audience is looking at, your slides will always be, literally, on the same page.


Copilot_zoom.pngCopilot is even better with some of our new rooms. Try presenting with a friend from the new Arizona room, for example. Copilot is simple, but the effect is surprisingly powerful. It's our first step in reimagining collaborative presentations. Keep an eye out for many enhancements coming soon.


Interactive Recordings

We hate being asked to "send our slides in advance." Traditional slide decks are boring and can't speak for themselves. Send something that can!


When you share an Interactive Recording from mmhmm, the audience can watch it like a movie, or read it like a slide deck, or any combination of both. See a demo Interactive Recording here (and learn about our name in the process).


Invite friends

It’s no fun trying Copilot if your buddy doesn’t have access yet. So beta users can now invite friends to try mmhmm! You’ll find invites in the app that are refreshed on a regular basis so you can keep bringing your community onboard.



Better performance

We’ve heard that some MacBooks are hustling so hard to run mmhmm that it feels like they’re trying to lift off from your desk. We’ve improved the engines that separate you from your background and pass video around, so mmhmm now takes up way less CPU. You should see a big performance improvement today, and we’ll be squeezing even more speed from the code in the coming weeks.


Dynamic Rooms

Procedurally generated rooms are here! What does that mean? It means beautiful, animated backgrounds generated in real time with code. Each one can be customized according to your unique style, and uses far less processing power than video files.


Beta 2 ships with four dynamic rooms, and lots more are coming soon. Try customizing the colors, shapes, and speed in the room manager to create a background unique to you. Now no two people have to be in front of the same dumb fancy wood bookcase ever again! (Just kidding. We love you, fancy wood bookcase.)


Game controller support

You can now fly around mmhmm with a Bluetooth game controller. Why? Because it's fun. And when you have fun in meetings, you make better meetings for everyone. Sometimes fighting fatigue isn't about napping; it's about smiling. (Using a controller is also easy, lets you keep eye contact with the camera, etc.) Check out this video to see it in action. We've optimized it for a PS4 controller, but many others should work as well.


Support for MacOS 10.14 "Mojave" and 10.15 "Catalina"

The first phase of our beta only supported MacOS 10.15, but we made lots of performance and testing improvements and are now comfortable running on the previous version as well. If you couldn't install mmhmm because you haven't upgraded your Mac yet, try it now.


Camera Zoom

The Camera popover now has a zoom slider so you can control which portion of your surroundings are visible. This is great for getting your green screen precisely into frame, or just to crop out things around the edges.


Automatic camera cropping 

Some fancy external cameras, like those from Canon and Fujifilm, output aspect ratio other than 16:9 when used as a webcam. Mmhmm now automatically crops out the unused parts of those signals so you can use a wide range of different cameras.


Video slide looping

Video slides now loop by default. Control-click on a video slide to turn off looping.


Multiple slide selection

Shift-click on slides to select more than one at a time for moving or deleting.


Delete slides

Command-click to bring up the context menu for slides to delete them. Command-delete also works as a quick keyboard shortcut.


Full-screen slides

When displaying a non-16:9 slide full screen, any visible room background is now dimmed, instead of just being replaced with black bars. It’s like you turned down the lights, not plunged into a black hole.


Easier presenter resizing

You can now resize yourself by clicking and dragging on the corners of your video.


Stop recording shortcut

Command-period stops a recording that is in progress, so you don’t have to look shifty-eyed at the end of your recording while hunting for the Stop button.


On Air / Off Air button*

The on-air / off-air behavior is now less confusing, with better explanations on the button and the broadcast “Off Air” image. Still a little confusing.

*The "On Air" button has been removed in a later release, click here for details


Document icons

.mmhmm files now have cute document icons, instead of the generic one.


Many bugs squashed

We’ve fixed dozens of bugs during the first few weeks of beta, but there’s always more hiding. Thanks for helping us find them!


Thanks again for helping us beta test mmhmm. We're very grateful for your attention, your enthusiasm, and your patience! (Especially your patience, if you've been waiting for weeks to get in.) Please send bug reports to help@mmhmm.app, feature requests to iwant@mmhmm.app, and other feedback to hello@mmhmm.app.

Show us your video creations—we regularly highlight videos from our community on social channels. Need a little inspiration to get started? Check out our "Three Things" project.  

We hope you find mmhmm beta 2 fuseful!

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