Using a Bluetooth controller to control mmhmm

With the Mac beta 2 release on August 6, you can now control mmhmm with a Bluetooth gaming controller, such as the PS4 DualShock. 

Note: We've heard of connectivity issues with users running macOS Mojave, we recommend updating to macOS Catalina

Step 1: Connect your controller via Bluetooth

We've optimized this feature for the PS4 DualShock, but it should work with any Bluetooth controller. Depending on what model you're using, pairing your controller to your Mac may vary slightly, you can find support for that in this article from Apple. No matter the case, you should initiate pairing via the controller (read your controller's manual for the exact steps to do so.)

Here's what that looks like for the PS4 DualShock:

Once pairing has been initiated, open the Bluetooth menu of your computer's settings, find your controller, and click connect. 


Step 2: Open and update mmhmm

Make sure mmhmm is open and updated with a version that's at least 0.1.9. To check what version you have, click 'mmhmm' in the toolbar > 'About mmhmm.' To update, click 'Check for Updates' in the same menu.


Step 3: Have fun

The app should be ready to go right out of the box. Here's a diagram of controls:




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