Use a Bluetooth controller to control mmhmm

Note: Bluetooth controllers currently only work in mmhmm Studio.

Controllers that work with mmhmm

These wireless clickers and controllers are verified to work with mmhmm:

Connect your controller

1. Connect your controller via Bluetooth

Pairing your controller to your computer may vary slightly depending on your controller model. You should always initiate pairing via the controller (read your controller's manual for the exact steps to do so.) Once pairing has been initiated, open your computer's Bluetooth settings, find your controller in the list, and connect to it.

2. Open and update mmhmm

Make sure mmhmm Studio is open and updated to the latest version.

  • To check your version of mmhmm Studio: In the mmhmm menu bar, go to mmhmmAbout mmhmm Studio.
  • To update mmhmm Studio: In the mmhmm menu bar, go to mmhmm > Check for Updates...

3. Have fun

The app should be ready to go right out of the box. The chart below shows the PS4 controller's button mapping to mmhmm.



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