Introducing... “Three Things”

Three reasons why you need to be counted in the 2020 census. Three ways to organize your sock drawer. Three tips for cooking haggis. Absolutely anyone can think of three key points to share about any topic in the world they find interesting. That’s why we’re launching “Three Things”— a simple content framework with endless possibilities for your mmhmm experimentation.


Why should I make a “Three Things” presentation?

Creativity is often driven by constraints. So to get the creative juices owing, we’re giving early mmhmm community members a framework (and a few designed assets) to help you easily create a high-quality video about a topic that’s important to you. Why? Because we want to see the range of cool use cases and ideas that can be generated by our early audience of beta testers.


Here’s how to do it:

1. Make a “Three Things” presentation using our designed slides plus any of your own photos or videos you might need to illustrate your points. Stick to a length of three minutes or less, keeping in mind the guideline: “Long enough to cover the subject, but short enough to keep it interesting” (Also a great rule of thumb for your shorts.)


2. Record your presentation in the mmhmm app and save as an mp4.


3. Post it to Twitter and/or Instagram, tag us (@mmhmmapp), and use the hashtag #threethings. We’ll repost your presentations as they come rolling in!

4. Shoot us a note at if any questions or issues come up along

the way (we are still beta testing, after all).


What does a Three Things presentation look like?

Kinda like this: “Three Things I Learned About Parenting During The Pandemic”


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