Get started with mmhmm

Welcome to mmhmm! mmhmm was built to make work over video better. As a video communication tool, mmhmm lets you create impressive presentations, share asynchronous updates, and collaborate virtually.
 Read this guide to get started with all things mmhmm.

Launch or install mmhmm

Choose your background

Set the tone for your presentation or conversation by choosing the perfect background. In the Style panel, you can choose a background in the Backgrounds library. Learn more about changing and customizing your background.

Customize your appearance

A great show uses space, lighting, and special effects to make the speaker look their best. In mmhmm, you can use the Style panel to change how you're framed, add visual effects, communicate with hand gestures, and more. Learn more about adjusting your appearance.

Add content to your presentation

It's easy to add content to your presentation or conversation in mmhmm. You can add photos, videos, GIFs, and even share your screen Learn more about adding slides to your mmhmm presentation or conversation.

Record and share videos

If you're creating a presentation to share asynchronously with your team, you can record and share a video. You can even invite other people to join your recording! Learn more about recording and sharing videos.

Watch videos on mmhmm

Want to check out content other people have created in mmhmm? Watch videos on mmhmm shared by you, someone else, or someone in your organization. Learn more about finding and watching videos on mmhmm.

Use mmhmm with video conferencing tools

mmhmm is compatible with most popular video conferencing tools, including Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and more.
To use mmhmm with your video conferencing app:

  1. Open mmhmm.
  2. Open your video conferencing tool.
  3. Choose mmhmm as your camera input.

Learn more about connecting mmhmm to video conferencing tools

Level up in mmhmm

Now that you know the basics, here's how you can get even more out of mmhmm:

Try mmhmm for free! Don’t see the answer to your question? If you’re having technical difficulties or want to suggest a topic for this guide, submit a support ticket or email us at

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