Get started with mmhmm

mmhmm was built to make work over video better. Read this guide to get started and learn the basics.

Download and install mmhmm

Select an operating system below for instructions on how to install mmhmm on your device.

Note: mmhmm on Mac requires macOS 12.3 or later.
  1. Go to the mmhmm download page and download mmhmm for Mac.
  2. Open the mmhmm.pkg installer file.
    • If you're prompted to give the installer access to your Downloads folder, click OK.
    • If you encounter a The installation failed error, learn how to troubleshoot and resolve it.
  3. When the installation is complete, click Close.
  4. A prompt will appear requesting access to your camera and microphone. Click Allow for both permissions.

    mmhmm desktop install prompt.png

  5. Next to Install the mmhmm camera, click Install.
  6. A prompt will appear asking you to enable system extensions which are required for mmhmm to work properly. Click Open System Settings.
  7. In the Privacy & Security settings, click Allow in the System software from application "mmhmm" was blocked from loading section.

    system software from application mmhmm desktop was blocked from loading.png

  8. Click Done. This will open the mmhmm desktop app.
  9. Click Log in with browser. If you don't have an mmhmm account, click Create one here.
  1. Go to the mmhmm download page and download mmhmm for Windows.
  2. Open the mmhmm.msi installer file.
  3. When the installation is complete, click Finish. If the Launch mmhmm checkbox is selected,  the mmhmm app will open automatically.
  4. Click Log in with browser. If you don't have an mmhmm account, click Create one here.
Web browser
Go to in your web browser. No further installation is required.
iPhone and iPad
Note: You can only join mmhmm conversations using the Join mmhmm app for iPhone and iPad.

Download and install the Join mmhmm app from the Apple App Store.

Learn the mmhmm user interface

Tip: Click the image below to enlarge it.

 mmhmm desktop UI legend 2_2024.png

mmhmm menu Show or hide the mmhmm sidebar menu. Access links to mmhmm home and account settings.
Invite people Invite others to your mmhmm conversation.
Join a conversation
Join an existing mmhmm conversation.
Add content to slides Use this menu to add content to your slides.
Search the help center, ask the mmhmm community, contact support, watch tutorial videos, read release notes, access quick tours, or go on a live video call with an mmhmm expert.
Sidebar and slide tray on/off Show or hide the sidebar and slide tray.
Access your appearance, background, pointer, and slide content settings. The options in the sidebar change depending on what's selected on the mmhmm stage.
This is where you will appear on screen as a presenter.
Undo / Redo
Undo or redo an action. (Not available in the video editor.)
Presentation library
Choose one of your existing presentations to work on.
Add slide
Create a new blank slide.
Record Record your presentation and upload it to mmhmm. 
Video editor
Open the video editor window to make edits to your chapters. The name of this button will reflect the name of your video.
My videos View all videos you recorded using mmhmm. Clicking a recorded video will open the video editor window, along with its accompanying mmhmm presentation.
New / close presentation Create a new mmhmm presentation or close a currently open one.
Slide tray
This is where all of your mmhmm presentation slides appear.
Camera, microphone, and volume on / off selector Toggle your microphone and camera. You can also select your mic, camera, or speaker here.

Set up your camera, green screen, and microphone


To appear as a presenter in your mmhmm conversation or presentation, you'll need to connect your webcam to mmhmm.

  1. Click the dropdown arrow next to the Camera icon.
  2. In the menu, select the camera you want to use.

Your camera image will appear on the stage along with your background and slide content.

Learn how to optimize your webcam setup for mmhmm.

Green screen

If you have a physical green screen, you can use it to give you greater control over how your image appears in mmhmm. To set mmhmm to use a physical green screen:

  1. Click the dropdown arrow next to the Camera icon.
  2. In the menu, select I have a greenscreen.

If you don't have a physical green screen, the virtual green screen included with mmhmm requires no additional setup. The virtual green screen is applied automatically whenever you use the Silhouette frame, or when you enable a background color with the Circle frame.


To talk in your mmhmm conversation or record your mmhmm presentation, you'll need to connect your microphone to mmhmm.

  1. Click the dropdown arrow next to the Microphone icon.
  2. In the menu, select the microphone you want to use.
  3. Test your mic by making some noise and watching the sound input level display. If it moves along with the sounds you’re making, your mic is working properly. 

Choose your background

Set the tone for your presentation or conversation by choosing the perfect background.

  1. In the sidebar, go to the Backgrounds section and choose a background.
  2. To browse more backgrounds, click See all.

Learn more about changing and customizing your background.


Adjust your appearance

A great show uses space, lighting, and special effects to make the speaker look their best.

  • In the sidebar, adjust the settings under Appearance to change how you're framed, add visual effects, communicate with hand gestures, and more.

Learn more about adjusting your appearance.


Create a presentation

Create a presentation in mmhmm to help you convey your message.

  1. Click the + icon in the slide tray to create a new presentation.
  2. Add slides to your presentation by clicking Add Slide on the left-hand side of the slide tray, or import a slide deck into mmhmm
  3. Add photos, videos, animated GIFs, and share your screen to provide context and clarity to your presentation or video.

Learn more about adding slides and media to mmhmm.

Record and share videos

Save time on meetings by recording and sharing your presentation as a video with others. You can even invite other people to join your recording.

Learn more about recording and sharing videos.


Watch videos on mmhmm

Want to check out content other people have created in mmhmm? Watch videos on mmhmm shared by you, someone else, or someone in your organization.

Learn more about finding and watching videos on mmhmm.

Use mmhmm with video conferencing tools

mmhmm is compatible with most popular video conferencing tools, including Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and more. To use mmhmm with your video conferencing app:

  1. Open mmhmm.
  2. Open your video conferencing tool.
  3. Choose mmhmm as your camera input.

Learn more about connecting mmhmm to video conferencing tools


Level up in mmhmm

Now that you know the basics, here's how you can get even more out of mmhmm:

Try mmhmm for free! Don’t see the answer to your question? If you’re having technical difficulties or want to suggest a topic for this guide, submit a support ticket or email us at

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