Use mmhmm with Safari, Photo Booth, or FaceTime

This article covers how to use mmhmm with Apple's built-in apps. Read below to learn more.

Start by opening any of Apple's built-in apps such as Safari, Photo Booth, or Facetime. Choose mmhmm Camera from the list of available cameras under Camera in the Apple menu bar:


You must have mmhmm desktop open and running in the background in order for it to work properly. If you don't have mmhmm running in the background, you will see this on your screen:


Due to a macOS security restriction, mmhmm Studio does not currently work with Safari or other built-in Apple apps such as Safari, Photo Booth, or FaceTime. Use the table below to confirm what version of mmhmm you can use with Apple apps.

App Icon Works with Safari, FaceTime, or Photo Booth?
mmhmm_desktop_icon.png Yes. mmhmm desktop will work with Apple's built-in apps. 
studio_icon.png No. mmhmm Studio will not work with Apple's built-in apps.


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