How do I use mmhmm with Google Meet (and other browser-based apps)?

mmhmm should work with any web-based app running in Chrome or Firefox. After installing mmhmm, you may need to restart your browser for it to recognize mmhmm as a selectable camera input. 

This guide is also for apps like MS Teams and Cisco Webex, apps that both are compatible with mmhmm in their web-based apps and not in their native apps at this time. 

Connecting to your mmhmm camera

  1. Make sure mmhmm is open and running on the computer you are connecting to Meet with. 
  2. In Chrome or Firefox, connect to the Meet meeting you wish to join.
  3. In the setup screen that appears before joining the call, click settings.
  4. Click video (we recommend that you update your video's send and receive resolutions to High definition 720p)
  5. Select the mmhmm Camera


    6. Click 'Done' and join your call.


Meet Best Practices

For the clearest quality presentations, especially those where you are sharing a lot of text to your audience, we recommend you use Meet's Present Now functionality. This will automatically set your audience's screens to Speaker View and allow you to get maximized bandwidth for a smooth presentation (well, as long as you practiced!)

  1. Select “Present Now” in your Meet meeting
  2. Select "Share a Window"
  3. Select the “SHARE THIS” window that will show only your video feed, which includes the slides you are presenting in a presenter mode


A note on Safari and built-in Mac apps

Due to a macOS security restriction, mmhmm does not currently work with Safari or other built-in Apple apps such as Photo Booth. 


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