Using keyboard shortcuts and gestures in mmhmm

Here are the most useful keystrokes and short-cuts. Learn them to become an mmhmm master:

  • , (comma) toggles slides between off and the "default "slide view
  • (period) toggles slides between "default "slide view and "full-frame" slide view.
  • (forward slash) toggles Hide Me on and off
  • a toggles Away on and off
  • Right and Left arrow keys move to the next and previous slides.
  • ⌘-R resets the video of you to default settings. This is your best friend.
  • ⌘-1 through ⌘-9 quickly switches between the first nine rooms.
  • ⌘-. (command period) stops a recording that's in progress

Trackpad shortcuts:

  • Clicking and dragging your head makes you move around the room without moving in your chair. Sorcery!
  • Pinching and Zooming on the trackpad makes you shrink and grow.
  • Scrolling with two fingers makes you fade.

Magic Mouse shortcuts:

  • One-finger scrolling over your video makes you fade.
  • Command-scrolling over your video makes you shrink and grow.
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