Keyboard shortcuts, hotkeys, and gestures in mmhmm Studio

Here are the most useful keystrokes and shortcuts for mmhmm Studio. Learn them to become an mmhmm pro.

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 App shortcuts

command_key.png + n_key.png New presentation
command_key.png + o_key.png Open presentation
command_key.png + w_key.png Close presentation


Slide and Room shortcuts

comma_key.png   Toggle slides on and off
period_key.png   Toggle fullscreen slides
p_key.png   Toggle the laser pointer on and off
command_key.png + d_key.png Duplicate selected slide
left_arrow_key.png or right_arrow_key.png Previous or next slide
command_key.png + 0_number_key.png through 9_number_key.png Switch between the first ten rooms. Click here to learn how to map rooms to this shortcut.

Camera shortcuts

fwd_slash.png   Toggle camera on and off
a_key.png   Toggle away screen on and off
command_key.png + r_key.png Reset your camera to default settings
command_key.png + period_key.png Stops a recording that's in progress

Presenter shortcuts

option_key.png + up_arrow_key.png Increase presenter opacity by 20%
option_key.png + down_arrow_key.png Decrease presenter opacity by 20%
command_key.png + up_arrow_key.png Increase presenter size by 20%
command_key.png + down_arrow_key.png Decrease presenter size by 20%
command_key.png + left_arrow_key.png Change presenter anchor to the bottom left
command_key.png + right_arrow_key.png Change presenter anchor to the bottom right
command_key.png + option_key.png + left_arrow_key.png Change presenter anchor to the top left
command_key.png + option_key.png + right_arrow_key.png Change presenter anchor to the top right
ctrl_key.png + tab_key.png Navigate to the next presentation tab
ctrl_key.png + shift_key.png + tab_key.png Navigate to the previous presentation tab

Playback shortcuts

right_arrow_key.png Seek forward
left_arrow_key.png Seek backward
space_key.png Play / pause
shift_key.png + right_arrow_key.png Next slide
shift_key.png + left_arrow_key.png Previous slide

Trackpad shortcuts

  • Click and drag your camera to reposition yourself on the stage.
  • Two-finger pinch - Change camera size.
  • Two-finger scroll - Change presenter opacity.
  • When the laser pointer is activated, click and hold down the mouse button to draw with it. The trail you make with your cursor won't disappear until you let go. 

Mouse shortcuts

  • Use the mouse scroll wheel over your video to change your opacity.
  • Holding the Command key and scrolling over your video makes you shrink and grow.

Macbook Pro Touch Bar shortcuts


touchbar_-_new_slide.png New slide
touchbar_-_slides_off.png Select Slides off
touchbar_-_slides_shoulder.png Select Shoulder slides
touchbar_-_slides_full.png Select Fullscreen slides
touchbar_-_away_mode.png Toggle Away screen on and off
touchbar_-_laser_pointer.png Toggle the laser pointer on and off
touchbar_-_hide_me.png Toggle camera on and off


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